Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Dorian links news from Marc Andreyko about Manhunter:
anyway, more good news: we get OBSIDIAN back!!!!!!!!!

Sweet! Andreyko's writing is the first time I've liked the character.

Hopefully, though, he does remain in Justice Society as well as be a regular in Manhunter, because he should be a member of the team his father co-founded.


  1. HAPPY!

    And he really should be on both. Heck, if Hawkman's commuting in from Louisiana I think a shadow-teleporter can manage the trip from LA.

  2. Eh - I'm just glad that there's going to be more Manhunter and that Obsidian is going to continue to be a supporting character in that book. If it meant him having to leave the Justice Society book, I wouldn't cry. Heck, it might save him from a messy painful death or another bout of "turning evil" when Johns starts getting low on ideas.

    I really like Andreyko's take on the character - probably the best take I've seen since, well, ever. Even Roy Thomas's take on Obsidian in Infinity Inc never did much for me - Jade was the more interesting of the pair there. In fact, I've always kind of thought of Jade and Obsidian as the DC analogue of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver -- I don't know why, but that combo has been in my head since the 80s.

  3. I'm not a big fan of Manhunter, but I do admire the way Andreyko has taken Obsidian- a character I couldn't stand for years- and built a well adjusted, likable guy who's processed his past traumas into being a decent dude.

  4. Given that Johns take on the character appears to be quite *literally* hiding him in the shadows, I'm not sure there's any loss in him not being in the JSA.