Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sometimes things can work out nicely.

A few days ago after a decidedly bad day (which I downplayed into the post for comedic effect), I found a post online that surprised me in its stupidity. Rather than rant about my job (the company would not appreciate me complaining about the details of that on a public internet site), I focused my irritation into a rant about the post, and added some exaggeration for entertainment purposes. Even if you agree, there's no point in reading a stream of relentless sarcastic bile unless there's some entertainment value.

There was one joke in the rant that made me pause before I clicked on "Publish."
Her picture is on her site. If anyone sees her at NYCC, please please tape a sign to her back that says something embarrassing, and take a picture for me. I have nothing to reward you with except my laughter. But you get bragging rights.
I read and re-read it, it seemed like something no one reading my blog would actually do. People with the same social agenda as I have a tendancy to stew online and maybe write a letter to an editor. Very few actually speak up during a panel, and if given that chance would rather indulge fannish wishes than ask the please question. Really, if people listened to my rantings, then Judd Winick wouldn't be able to walk into a con without meeting a line of protesters. The DC Panels would be filled with nothing but Green Lantern questions. Quesada's car would have "Turn Wanda Back!" spraypainted in red (Note: Do not actually do this). None of this has happened, so I have a reasonable basis for believing that asking for someone put a sign on the back of an idiot would most likely result in people rolling their eyes when they see her, but no one approaching.

A friend, however, has pointed out that I do ask for letter campaigns, so while its still delusional in the extreme to imagine a massive army at my command, there is the possibility that someone might take me up on this challenge.

This bothered me, and made me think that maybe I shouldn't have posted it at all. I'm thinking about going back and editing in a (Note: Do not actually do this) after the joke. And I was really beginning to think that there was nothing entertaining that could possibly result from it.

Until I saw this:
On the other hand, psychotic hate-laden tirades about such, especially that culminate in solicitations to bodily assault, are indeed something that nearly any of us could justifiably be alarmed about.

I'm not quite at the point where I'm going to start referring to Ragnell as the Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin of female comics fandom, but she's getting me there.

Now, this is it. I'm tired of repeating myself, so I'm giving notice -- the next member of the Ragnell Revenge Squad who shows up here and talks about how there is no difference between Ragnell's post and mine, or who in any way defends Ragnell's post while continuing to ignore the deeply disturbing and irrefutable fact that she just specifically requested the public humiliation, degradation, and embarrassment of someone she does not know, who has not committed anything remotely like an offensive action against Ragnell or anyone else... well, I will read what you have to say when Blogger forwards it to me, but I've cluttered this comment thread up with enough of that bullshit. I will not continue to do so after this point.
I'm thinking of putting that quote on my sidebar.


  1. Man, between "the Ragnell Revenge Squad" and the wonderful misspelling "Psychophants", this guy's given you TWO great names for any theoretical legion of militant followers you may build.

  2. True fact:
    I'm stealing "Psychophants" for my Joker pitch.

  3. I don't think it's fair that you get the Revenge Squad. I'm much more of an amoral psychotic mastermind than you are.

    Why don't I ever get any credit? Hmph.

  4. You get all the fun trolls. I just get illiterate Dane Cook fans.

  5. You're like famous people! You have a squad with a catchy title!

    ... I want to be like Ragnell when I grow up.

  6. "Psychophants"

    I totally read that as Psychopants.

    I like my version better.

  7. God. How could I have earned a response like that? I'm such a nice guy.

  8. So, is the Ragnell Revenge Squad your version of Dumbledore's Army? Oh, and where can I sign up? It sounds like fun.


  9. Taking a picture of someone wearing a sign saying: "Thinks Sue Storm is an X-man" is equal to assault? I mean, it's rude, and I uh. Will try not to do it now that it's occurred to me, (dammit) but "degradation?"

  10. "Ragnell Revenge Squad"? Do you all walk around in Superman suits with "R" insignias?

    Do you have an evil oath that you swear each morning? Preferably one that rhymes?

    Here are some helpful guidelines for you courtesy of Mr. Sims:

  11. I have to admit that when I saw your joke, I was a bit squicked. It was more that, more often than not, the first guns that are pulled out against women are threats of physical/sexual violence.* Even though your joke isn't comparable in scale, the parallel was still there for me.

    But, then, merely saying something to you about perhaps being more mindful of the possible connotations your jokes have would have been the more appropriate response.

    Writing a tirade about Ragellkin (that's Ragnell + Malkin) and her Revenge Squad of the Psychopants is... a bit much. Sort of smells like sour grapes to me.

    * Notably by "liberal" men and sometimes even women against people like Coulter and Malkin, which makes the whole thing about you being like Coulter/Malkin so strange to me.

  12. Er...hum...I read that other response on WFA and just sat there with my mouth open for a moment or two. I mean, what the heck?

    You're getting "Uppity" Ragnell. And Uppity women apparently have to be put in their place. Or something.

    But the Revenge Squad does sound like a good time.

  13. AT least you're getting noticed. If it weren't for Sallyp & Brandon, I'd be writing to myself.
    >note to self: write something nasty about Ragnell so I can get traffic<

  14. "Why don't I ever get any credit? Hmph."

    It's because of the pink blog page. They assume you are sweet and girly-therefore, not dangerous. On the plus side, that means they will never see the ax coming.

  15. I've never read anything "radical" in your weblog that wasn't obviously hyperbole.

    Christ, did you run over this guy's dog or something?

  16. Heh. Yeah, I had a similar reaction after my first encounter with a troll over something I wrote.

    I'm still amazed at the ability they think I have simply because I'm a published critic. Like I could call up whole organzied armies of fans to go out and single-handedly change the world.

    And yet, I couldn't even get two dozen people to sign a joke petition to boycot family-owned Tex-Mex restaurants until Judd Winick quit writing Green Arrow. I had a lot more people tell me to quit complaining and how I had no right to even tell people why I didn't like the series - just shut up and stop buying it!

  17. Don't worry Dwayne, I still love you.

    Yeah, I don't get any decent trolls either. Although some guy on the Geoff Johns GL boards did yell some obcenities at me once. And there was a slightly messy encounter with a Manga fan.

    But Ragnell's got the BEST trolls. Although Kalinara has some real whack jobs too.

  18. Oh dear... wa've reached Disclaimer Time. Now all the posts on Written World will have to have the little riders on them. "Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt."

  19. I commented on the guy's blog but somehow it never appeared. He doesn't seem to like people disagreeing with him.

  20. Okay, I'm just going to say it.

    You two are quite obviously deeply in love with each other. This sort of aggressive bickering is always a prelude to sweet, sweet, romance. Stop hiding your feelings, FEEL THE <3!

  21. A) I know how to spell 'sycophants'. 'psychophants' is my coinage. I generally use it to refer to the mindless drones that worship Warren Ellis or Frank Miller or Kurt Busiek, but it's applicable to any mindless dronehood.

    B) I let through many comments that disagreed with me. I just stopped when they became repetitive.

    Thanks for the traffic.

  22. It's highlander's frothing I like best. Makes me think of root beer.

  23. First, does being a "psychophant" involve a decoder ring? Secret handshake? Ten percent off at Casual Male Big & Tall? If so, I want to be on board.

  24. I don't understand the reference "'liberal' men". Men who pretend to be liberal but aren't?

    That's a type, now?

  25. It's because of the pink blog page. They assume you are sweet and girly-therefore, not dangerous. On the plus side, that means they will never see the ax coming.

    Crap! You've discovered my secret. I'll give you one chance to join me...or ELSE!!! Mwahaha