Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is it safe to blog yet?

Apparently not.
I love her current costume. It might be neat to read a few stories about this "cute" supergirl, but as far as the regular comic, I like my "sexy" Kara very much thank you.

I'll be back when I can write something other than a stream of obscenities.


  1. Does it help that I called him a dirty pervert?

  2. Only if it causes an entertaining fight.

  3. Random creepy fanboys are annoying, to be sure, but to really angry up your blood, check out Progressive Ruin for the latest from the licensing regime that gave us Black Mask's Fun Action Drill. MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!

  4. ::HEADDESK!::

    Ragnell, I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for belonging to the same gender as that yoyo....

    Tim Liebe
    "You see? You SEE?! Your stupid minds! Stupid! STUPID!!!!"

  5. Okay. Uh... yeah. Not to give into a stereotype but - someone needs to get out of their parents' basement...

    As for the art, I think she looks better with the longer hair but otherwise I think that costume design would be preferable. Do we REALLY need Supergirl to have a skirt that is smaller than Batman's utility belt?

  6. I missed the feed of this post, but I just got via WFA! and I almost spat coffee onto my computer!


  7. All I see is a bunch of horny fanboys trying to justify their horniness >.<;;;

    I rly hate that guys seem to think sexiness is directly proportional to how much skin is shown and THAT'S ALL.

    And Loeb based Supergirl on his daughter (he's stated this many times), the fact that he has Churchill and turner draw her like that speaks volumes about him. XD

  8. I'm still trying to see what's "sexy" about Supergirl. I think my idea of sexy and the comic book idea are very different things.

    But then, I tend to see women as human beings. People.

  9. The current Supergirl is a disaster. She's pretty much Paris Hilton with super powers, but less money.

    And there seems to be some law that only people who cannot draw worth (insert the obscenity of your choice) are allowed to draw her.

    Anyway, the world is full of fools, don't let them get you down.