Sunday, February 04, 2007


Michelle's having trouble with Imageshack's advertising:
The owners of ImageShack are either hypocrites or wildly incompetent. Or both. I never click on anything hosted on ImageShack while at work because I always get a couple scammy pop-ups and there’s usually some vaguely unsavory-looking ad banner on their hosted pages. At home at least Firefox blocks the pop-ups, and I generally don’t care what’s displayed when I’m at home anyway. But today’s the first time time I actually saw full blown porn in one of their ad banners. This wasn’t an ad for LavaLife. This was four animated shots of live porn.

Very not-safe-for-work screencap

I was pissed. Particularly because every ImageShack page features a link that visitors can click to report the image being hosted as “offensive/adult content”. Yet where’s the link to report ImageShack’s ADVERTISING as offensive pornographic material?! I couldn’t even figure out where to report this to their abuse department, so I sent them a message thru their general feedback. I don’t expect it’ll do anything, but I wanted to make my displeasure known. What burns me is that ImageShack’s TOS clearly and repeatedly states that no pornographic material may be uploaded to their site (along with “illegal…copyrighted, harassment, or spam” material). Nowhere in the FAQ is it mentioned that they have the right to, and will, put the very same material they just prohibited all over your pages. So - hypocrites or just plain lazy in screening their advertisers? Because only an idiot would mistake the content for “#1 Site for College Girls”.

She includes a screencap, and suggests boycotting them and using a less hypocritical site.

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