Saturday, December 02, 2006

Green Lantern #15

Nothing here to break up my foul mood. Expect the creator bashing stick to remain readily available this month, because if I can't enjoy Green Lantern it's a bad sign for everything else I read.

Ivan Reis should not be allowed to design female costumes anymore. Granted, at least this one is pretty, but still disturbingly indecent and impractical, and completely impossible to wear as a convention costume. Someone needs to get that artist a date.

I liked parts of this issue, but I still hate Geoff Johns for that storyline that's popped up in issue #10, issue #14, and this one. You'll probably hear a lot more about it because its irritating the shit out of me.


  1. Wait, WHICH costume are you referring to? I did snicker over the fact that Hal was drooling over Crimson Fox, when he was supposed to be rescuing Cowgirl.

    (Why do I hear Christopher Walken's voice in my head, going "Need more Cowgirl!")

  2. Star Sapphire's open-shirted costume. Made me roll my eyes.

  3. Oh THAT costume! Yeah, it was a little...out there. Actually I think I rather like the classic outfit. Yes, it's silly, but you certainly know who it is supposed to be.

  4. I'm sorry, but Star Sapphire doesn't HAVE an open-shirted costume. Check the panel out again - the light source is weird, but that area around her breasts and navel - which I assume from your posts you think is flesh - is very clearly much darker then her skintone.