Saturday, August 19, 2006

Looks like one of those shadows is now filled in...

Newsarama has the DC teaser solicits up already (full solicits on Monday). Down at the bottom they have a picture of the JLA#4 cover with what looks to be a slight spoiler on the lineup.

A few more thoughts before the full solicits come out:

On Birds of Prey's cover, we see prospective membership candidates. This may be some character's one chance to get away from Judd Winick or Daniel Acuna...

Why isn't Beau Smith writing this?


  1. That is a terrific picture of Vixen.

    I'd rather see Animal Man in the League, but that's just my fondness for the character. A black woman in the JLA is a good step anyhow.

  2. I'd TOTALLY want Vixen in the JLA because she, in her own way, represents a certain aspect of old guard, being in Justice League Detroit. Her added exposure in Justice League Unlimited, I think, makes her also accessible to newer audiences.

    And, hmmm...I wonder which character you're speaking of. Could it be one with the initials G.C.?

  3. I'm not as up on recent DCU as I should be. Who's the girl with the metallic-looking arms in the lower right corner? When did they introduce a female Judo-Master? And is that Speedy with the hood below the wheelchair?

  4. Who's the girl with the metallic-looking arms in the lower right corner?

    Grace Choi from The Outsiders.

    Who's the girl with the metallic-looking arms in the lower right corner?

    Ya got me there. She might not have been introduced yet.

    And is that Speedy with the hood below the wheelchair?

    Sure is.

  5. No female Judomaster has been introduced (yet) in current DC continuity. There -was- a female Judomaster in 'Kingdom Come', though. Maybe they decided to just go ahead, considering the original Judomaster had his back broken by Bane in Infinite Crisis...

  6. My first reaction to the BoP cover was "Mia! Miaaaaaaaa!!", but actually other than her horrible backstory revisions I do like how Winick writes her. I would love her to turn-up on regular visits, though, a sort of shared-custody thing between Dinah and Ollie.

    I doubt DC has any intention of taking Power Girl out of the JSA but they really do seem lost as to what to do with Supergirl. I'd like to see Oracle make-up with Karen but I think both she and Kara-with-an-El are far too powerful to be regular members without screwing up the dynamics.

    Manhunter shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Birds! She's an agent for the DEO! Oracle's the world's best-kept secret! Not a good idea!

    But she should totally have a team-up with the new Phantom Lady.

  7. Grace! One of the best, unjustly maligned characters DC has. Here's crossing my fingers she's chosen for the Birds, since Judd's more than burnt out on Outsiders.

    Seriously, give her to someone else, and people besides the posters will see how fun she is.

  8. "DC seems lost as to do with Supergirl"? She's doing just fine in the Legion's book (which they thoughtfully renamed in her honor).

  9. Even though the Legionnaire Supergirl has a completely different personality than the one appearing in her own book and we're not even sure she's the real thing?

  10. I know Manhunter is working for the DEO right now, but that can only last so long. Can't see her working for Oracle without asking too many questions. I really hope she joins the JSA or even the oft-alluded to Infinity Inc.

    An appearance on a high-profile team can only boost her sales, right?

  11. The legionnaire Supergirl is the real Supergirl; it's the one with her own title the one that's an evil clone/double-thingy

    Oh, and I wanna se the new Judomaster with a male Tiger, we're due to see a female hero with a male sidekick

  12. Spoilers (and ugly Michael Turner art but okay) lie here:

    Unblacked out cover to JLA #1. There's a couple surprises, an S curl, a dangerously thin Wonder Woman, and three characters whose power or skill should kill someone every time they hit someone with it.

    Interesting, but I'll leave spoilerrific discussion for when the blog's owner wants to get into it :)

  13. Hey, just found that on CBR before I checked the comments! Thanks, though. Discussion one post above!