Saturday, August 19, 2006

Adam Hughes on Deadlines and All-Star Wonder Woman

I've only seen this on the Beat, and have just gotten around to posting it now that I've also seen it on a message board. Adam Hughes talks about All-Star Wonder Woman on Byrnerobotics:
Secondly, I am not doing a 'monthly'. My commitment to ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN is for 6 issues. My schedule is to hand in 10 pages, pencilled and inked, a month. The issues will be released monthly, on-time, because we're starting far enough in advance. You will get your ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN every four weeks.

I think that if the announcement had been worded that 'Adam Hughes is doing 132 pages of WONDER WOMAN', there'd be less confusion and consternation.
Later on, he gives us his intentions for the series:
As for ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN, wish me luck. DC is really letting me do my thing, and if the books stinks like a fishwife it'll be all my fault. :-) I'm supposed to do 10 pages a month (I'm shooting for 11) so that way I'll (hopefully) have a 22-page issue done every 2 months. I'll be staying on the covers of CATWOMAN while doing this, so that no one thinks I'm dead. Laura Martin is going to be coloring the book; I'll be working hand-in-hand with her to make sure the books looks as good as it can. Check out our 2-page Wonder Woman origin in DC's 52, #12 for a taste of how ASWW will probably look. My dream for ASWW is to cram as much character & story into Diana's tale as humanly possible, with the type of action set-pieces that will make Joss Whedon scream "Damn you, Adam Huuuuuuuughes!!!" into the rain, shaking his tiny fists in impotent rage.
Hopefully he means that he has an issue due every two months for the company, and that it will actually ship every four weeks as he said in the original post.


  1. Whu?

    Thats a little confusing.

  2. Well, it DID comes form Byrnerobotics. Perhaps there's a Byrnification filter on the board that muddles any messages.

    Or Adam Hughes is an artist used to visual communication, which doesn't bode well for his writing...

  3. I'm a little worried about the writing of ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN just because, while Adam Hughes is an amazing artist, I haven't read anything he's written. But, the 2 page origin he did for 52 with Mark Waid was just amazing and whetted my apettite for a series with his artwork. I just hope it comes out a little more frequently than the other ALL STAR titles...

  4. It seems odd that AS-WW would be monthly, when AS-S and AS-BARTBW are (theoretically) bi-monthly.

    Though maybe DC Editorial is still experimenting with the line (like the single writer/peniciler/inker).

  5. I think I'd be more interesting if DC Editorial were experimenting with time... You know...

    "The new 'DC-Month'! Now with more time than ever!"

  6. What's confusing? He's saying that it takes him two months to draw each issue, he's working on a schedule with lots of advance time and that the books, when completed, will be released on a monthly basis: six issues over six months.

    He was just given a long deadline so he could meet shipping, in other words.

  7. Does anyone knows when is this coming out?