Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Blog Is Going To Hell

When I finished this post, I needed a title. I turned to Kalinara and we started to throw a few out there. I had to share the results, and see if anyone had any better ideas.

All Appliances 50% off
Maytag sale
Sears called, they want their appliance back
Maytags and Misogyny
Sexism Shipped From Sears
Is It Wrong That I Really Want a Freeze Pop?
Your Girlfriend is Behind the Milk
You Know Kyle Wouldn't Have This Problem If He'd Finished School. Dorm Fridges Are Tiny.
I Told You You Had Something Alive In There...Oops
Walt Disney Never Had To Share His Freezer With Kyle's Left overs.
Mom Always Said To Clean Your Fridge
So That's What That Smell Was
No Thanks I've Already Eaten
No Officer, I'm Not A Cannibal.
I Need Stock In Arm and Hammer

Kenmore, Barbie less
Barbie in a Kenmore
Superheroines on Ice!!
Freon Maidens
Chattel, Slightly Chilled
Ron Marz's Contribution to the Feminist Movement
Freon Feminism.
Casual Sexism, Slightly Chilled
And in his second job, my brother sells the hateful symbol of patriarchal heteronormativity...
And Next to the Pickles...
How Do You Fit Someone that Tall in There Anyway?
Why Superheroes Order Pizza
The Word "Leftovers" Takes on a Nasty Meaning Here
So, Who's for Chinese Takeout?
I Think I Can Fit the Pizza Box in Alex's Lap
He Let the Milk Spoil So He Could Make Room for Her
Dammit Kyle, Just Spring for a Pine Wood Box
Cryogenic Cuties
Where Do We Put the Tombstone?
That Wasn't On the Grocery List
Oh, Thank Gawd, I Thought that was the Leftovers Spoiling!
I'm Not Cleaning That Out
Strange How the Meatloaf is Still the Worst-Smelling Item
Mystery Meat
I'm Not Hungry Anymore
I Don't Think Baking Soda Will Help That
Hey, Alex, Could You Hand Me a Beer While You're in There?
Your Honor, I Swear She Said She Was Low-Cal
You'd Have Fit Better in There if There Were Less Cans of Slimfast

And Together
R: Suddenly, I'm Not in the Mood For Leftovers
K: ...I Am.

So, dear readers, how many tasteless refrigerator jokes can you make?


  1. I got my favorite... Hee hee...

    And in his second job, my brother sells the hateful symbol of patriarchal heteronormativity...

  2. "I have to clean that out?"

    "I'm so mad I could turn you into leftovers."

    "All my friends die... But my enemies stay fantasticly fresh."

    "Here let me help you chill out"

    "And this is whats left of my burrito. You'll go behind that."

    "Haha! Thats funny what you said about my sister. Let me show you what I just bought!"

    "I need you to wash up first. I don't want to get my fridge sticky."

    "Hmmm I knew this book on redecorating the fridge was usefull."

    "Refridgerators? Lets just say my whites are all pink."

  3. This is not what the Maytag Repairman has been waiting for.

  4. 'What's that smell? I think your milk went bad.'

    My favorite fridge gag ever is still