Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Second Call for Submissions to Carnival of Feminists

Here's your friendly reminder that the deadline for the Twelfth Carnival of Feminists is Monday, April 3rd. With respect to previous objections, I'm reluctant to take unsubmitted posts (though I have seen a number of good ones). I urge you to take advantage of e-mail, the Carnival Submissions Form, and the Technorati Tag (don't forget to ping Technorati after you do so).

My first submissions call led to a wonderful disagreement, completely by accident. Such an excellent accident I couldn't dream of recreating it, so instead, I'm simply going to load an example of truly, truly, awful art (Found via Resplendant Beard, courtesy Newsarama) and see what you have to say.

This is not an attempt to convince anyone they overreacted to the first picture (I haven't seen anyone who has). It's more to give you an idea of the scale the dissenting regulars are operating on. (And my earlier offer stands for this image too)

I must warn you, if you find Truly Awful Art (TAA) traumatic, you may want to avoid this cut. (And don't worry, the body of the Carnival itself will be free of anything so hideous -- and I'll post warnings on the links) Instead, here's an index of Neal Adams covers to peruse.

Be Warned: This is Beyond T&A...(You can click on the picture, if you can stand enlarging it)


  1. Arg! The Ray's new costume is TERRIBLE (or possibly "Terrillible") I see what you mean!

    ...oh, you mean the Phantom Lady with the GLOWING ARROWS POINTING TO HER SPECIAL AREA.

    Seriously, is there a single female character at DC with a costume that's worth a damn?

    I do like how she's sucking in her cheeks to go for that whole "Posh Spice" look. Unintentionally hilarious!


  2. My first reaction was that this was the serious DC take on Ellis's Nextwave.

  3. As for the boobie problem, I don't see what the problem is. I mean, its Phatom Lady. That's her whole thing. Or, things, rather.

    Large breasts are one thing, but this looks like something drawn by Rob Liefeld. The whole body is curved in a ridiculous fashion, the breasts are coming out in weird angles, the stance is stupid and uncomfortable, and she has a faux "sexy" pout on her face. There are some artists that I look at and wonder if they've ever actually seen a real woman in their lives.

  4. Agreed. The stance is ridiculous--she's cantilevered like a battlemech, for Od's sake. And that expression on her face has got to be a joke on the artist's part, yes? Please? The human face doesn't do that unless it's being deliberately contorted, clown/mime-like, to do so.

  5. And looking at it again, Phantom Lady's torso looks like and experiment in protocubism--how many perspectives are we being given here?

  6. HOLY GUACAMOLE! They can't be serious. No way!

    What am I saying. Of course they are.

    And they couldn't resist the protruding nipples, could they? Nice touch, guys.

    Imagine the conversations at DC editorial that led to this. "You know what's hot? Zeppelin-breasted women with severe spinal curvature. We need more of those! And don't forget the thigh-boots!"

    So very sad.