Monday, March 27, 2006

Quick Links

Go over to Dark Daughta's and read this. I don't care that it's not worksafe, read it.

Found via And We Shall March... -- The Calls of Cthulu!

Happy Blogiversary to The Absorbascon and Happy Belated Blogiversary to, which I don't link nearly enough to.

Michileen Martin needs your help. He's looking for books on the History of Superheroes for a college project.

Dark and Moody Chicks -- a comic strip/blog.

Blockade Boy turns his discerning eye to a Classic Flash Rogue.

Zombie Mallet's started up a second blog.

While there's never a shortage of Green Lantern posts, here's Kalinara on Fatherhood in the Green Lantern Mythos.

And older, but interesting discussion of hostile environments.

Shelly'll like this: The Fortress Keeper's been blogging about Supergirl for a week now.

And finally, get your Obsidian panels ready, April 22 is Blog Against Heteronormativity Day, started by Blac(k)ademic.


  1. Second time in a week you've linked to an article about something I covered last month. I'm obviously not being obscure enough.

  2. Thanks for the link! I really appreciate it!!

    Still have one more Supergirl post left in my system though...

  3. You know, I haven't paid a lot of attention to comics as a medium for conveying culture. That's not smart. I need to pay more attention to their significance because they are speaking deeply and subtly in ways I could learn from.

  4. Yes, I loved that link. Thanks. So much Supergirl blogging. Wonderful.

  5. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Blogiversary. :) I'll be sure to get that post on the Diana image up as soon as I can (this is a busy week for me, and I also have another post I want to get up before I head over to Japan on Sunday, but I will do my best!) so you can link to it.

    Also, I have a feeling when I get to Japan I'll start getting back into reading manga on a regular basis, which will inspire blog posts closer to the kind of pop-culture your blog focuses on.

    Not that I obsess over getting linked or anything ^_-