Saturday, December 24, 2005

Upon the Reading of Infinite Crisis #3

(Spoilers by Process of Elimination)

I don't care, I still think it's Parallax.


  1. I think it's Power Girl's kid, wasn't he rumored to be Parallax's way back when?

  2. Makes sense, actually. And Hal was Parallax-infected when he slept with Power Girl.

    But I thought it was company policy to never mention her baby again -- You know, like it's company policy never to bring in more Kryptonians, absolve Hal Jordan, or mention the Crisis refug-- Hey! Wait a minute...

  3. Have you actually read ic3 yet?

    I'm just counfused as to wether or not you have.

  4. (Yes, I have, I'm just being insanely stubborn)

    That and I don't trust Geoff Johns to reveal the true villain of a 7 issue miniseries in Issue #3.

    We're in for another surprise, I guarantee.

  5. It's Doctor Polaris. "The Man Who Mastered Magnetism" isn't so easily beaten.

  6. Well Johns is known to drop hints at the true baddies in things.

    I haven't picked up one yet that says it might not be those three.