Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A moment to brag

I've been quiet all month, mainly due to lack of internet, but I wanted to take a moment to brag.

I’ve done this before, but never had anything serious come of it. It was mainly a “get used to writing fiction and/or every day” thing. This year due to work I basically only wrote in large spurts once a week. (Another reason I wasn’t constantly posting wordcounts and angst about writing.) But I managed something surprisingly coherent.

It is not anything worth reading at the moment, and is loaded with typos and ridiculous ideas.

Nor is it a well-crafted plot with in-depth characters. That wordcount? I actually ended before the 50K and added another subplot with a minor character to drag out the ending.

But I am proud of myself. I did a "realistic" fiction story (it is still an adventure/detective genre book, though) the whole way through. I don't have five bazillion pointless subplots. Even the one I added at the end could easily be retrofitted to go with the rest of the plot (and it has a ready made pivotal point for my main character that didn't suit her at the end but would definitely make sense earlier.) I did not have aliens land at any point. The premise is totally absurd, and I took some leeway with probability, genetics and demolitions but that's all within the genre. The plotlines actually fit with each other. And I avoided padding. There are some nice in-depth descriptive scenes, and a few points where it gets redundant but really I just wrote plot the whole way through. If I did rewrite and edit it, it would actually get a lot longer.

All-in-all I put out something I could clean up and still shop around as a novel this time. It's not as funny as the last one, but it's there.

I am now officially an "Unedited novel the desk drawer" writer. Go me.


  1. Yay you! Feel proud and enjoy yourself. That's a lot of tough work.

  2. Congratulations. I am in awe of everyone who manages to complete this challenge.

    One year I will definitely try it. I almost did this time around, but there are too many things going wrong with my life right now to get involved in something like this. Hopefully next year.


  3. Congratulations. Writing is hard. Damn hard.

  4. Thumbs up and 100% "grand for you" too.

    I've never forgotten Philip K Dick discussing how kind Robert Heinlein was to him, despite their political differences, and of how the older man's advise to writers ran: finish things.