Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonder Woman Casting: Now With Extra Blondes

They cast another actor in Wonder Woman, Brett Tucker. The initial announcement doesn't name the character.

However DCWKA points out that the actor looks very much like one of the major parts.

How much? Well, let's put Brett Tucker next to a similarly angled drawing by Andru and Esposito from Wonder Woman #129:

What do you think, guys, a face worth leaving Paradise for?

(Via DCWKA, and here's the profile Mizzelle dug up.)

P.S. A Google Image search of this actor's name reveals him lying naked in an outdoor bathtub, wearing a cowboy hat. I will be devastated if he doesn't turn out to be Steve Trevor.


  1. There's an even better shot in the image search showing him standing, naked, with a barely strategically placed hat. I could definitely live with him as Steve Trevor.

  2. Well! He's quite the little hottie.