Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Trouble With Two Batgirls

Okay, as I have gone off very emotionally on this on Twitter, Tumblr, and--in the meanest thing I've ever sent to someone personally--over email, I may as well bring the rational point that just barely got brushed onto for my blog.

The big problem of a dual Batgirl setup is John Stewart Syndrome.

Notice how, when Hal came back they promised they had BIG PLANS for each of the Lanterns... And Kyle and Guy got a mini, and Hal and John would get the JLA. And Kyle and Guy got great interaction in the mini.. And he got one storyline, then Hal was the lantern for the last storyline of JLA... which was rebooted as Justice League with Hal?

And then, Kyle got a maziseries and Guy led the Corpsbook and Hal led the corebook but John pretty much disappeared?

Then after the Sinestro corps War where Kyle and Guy shared the spotlight with Soranik, and Hal got the corebook, and John got his paperwork again?

This is not because John Stewart is a bad character. On the contrary, he's a fucking great character. He has been strong since his first appearance, and distinctive as a thinker/activist from Hal and Guy and now Kyle.

But John, despite having been given the mainstream paly with the cartoon most recently (and Hal is now getting the movie), is almost never used. Even now in GLC he's basically a bondage king while Kyle and Soranik lead the mainplot. He is constantly, despite the promises and attempts to the contrary, downplayed for other Lanterns.

This is what would most likely happen in the event of two Batgirls. Endless frustration as Cass is pushed to the side for Steph. I can be an optimist, and a pessimist, but here I am being a realist. It's cynical, and it's a wrong in itself that should be fought but this is the most realistic result of a campaign for two Batgirls rather than a campaign for the return of Cass to Batgirl.

So yeah, gonna resist this suggestion, guys. It's a lovely thought and I'm sure you have the best at heart, but it is not a good option.


  1. After thinking about it, I'm not sure I agree with you. :-)

    Well, I do, if the idea is them both operating independently as Batgirl like the Green Lanterns or the Batmen. But I think the girls would make for a remarkably compatible "buddy cop" type set-up. And that could be a lot of fun. :-)

  2. Dude, the only time I really enjoy reading Stephanie Brown is when she's playing off of Cass Cain. I would snap that book up in a second if they were the same.

    But how often do we see our Batmen and Robins team up? I don't think we'd get any more than an "event" teamup every year or so and Cass in a teambook while Steph gets the mainbook under dual batgirls.

  3. Ok, I'm coming here after reading Kalinara's idea for having Cass as a Richard Dragon type of character...which I think is bloody brilliant. So THAT could work, and work nicely.

    But you are absolutely on the money with poor John. He does always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to exposure. And it's not because he's dull...but he is a bit less...shall we say flamboyant when compared to the other Lanterns. Quiet competency is not the most telegenic of talents.