Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Tragedy Here Was the Marriage, Not the Divorce

I'll level with you right away that my first exposure to Pietro as a romantic hero was Age of Apocalypse. He had a sweet romance with that universe's Storm, and it really got me on the side of the character. I sought him out in X-men, in Essentials reprints, and in his own series during the 90s. There was something absolutely engaging about this woobie fanfic mode Draco Malfoy living Luke Skywalker's life at superspeed, so I ended up devouring any appearance he made in anything. I ended up really fond of him, his sister and his little daughter before I ever read anything with his wife.

Then I finally met Crystal in X-Factor back issues. There's a story where Pietro tries to mend his marriage by going to a little log cabin. External forces take pictures of Crystal sleeping with another man, and Pietro's approached by a shadowy PI type who shows them to him. he gets mad at the guy, denies the thing, but goes back to the cabin in a foul mood. He doesn't tell her what's wrong, and Crystal ends up crying and leaving early. I remember thinking at the time the pictures were forged and Pietro would eventually see the truth and feel horrible, and that he was in the wrong.

Then I read more of Crystal. The whole reason for the marriage breaking up was her having an affair, and there's the implication she's actually a serial cheater (and you know what, I'm not interested enough in Crystal to track down all the instances of her romantic tension with characters who aren't Pietro and analyze them for whether or not she slept with the guy just to quibble it out with Crystalfans on the internet. I'll do that for Sue Storm and Reed Richards in an online argument, but Crystal met Pietro while she was linked to Johnny, and she's got at least one established affair during the marriage, and from that point on any plot with her and Pietro either revolved around Luna or that threat that she would have another affair.) This didn't make me HATE her, but it did make me think that this was pretty doomed marriage as she had already broken the trust and a major character trait for her husband was that he didn't trust easily.

Aside from that, she just didn't interest me. She was flat, sweet, smiling and had a temper for the purposes of the plot. She seemed to exist to fret over the baby, and give Pietro a reason to act like a dick. Crystal didn't even fit the wife role very well before the writers decided to break up the marriage, because she was never as entertaining in a scene with her husband as his own sister was. She was never as entertaining in a scene with her husband as his brother-in-law was. Crystal just didn't compliment Pietro like Vision complimented Wanda. Vision and Wanda had opposite temperaments, but similar values and histories (Ultron is a mechanical Magneto, after all). Vision and Wanda shared their troubles and triumphs, and smoothed out each other's weaknesses with their strengths (Vision's logic and self-control to Wanda's emotion was traditionalist, but they suited each other). Crystal's flaws only amplified Pietro's flaws, which amplified Crystal's flaws. Their backgrounds were too different. Crystal was a princess and Pietro lived much of his life as a poor outcast criminal; and Crystal was a alien woman, a modern creature of science from the moon while Pietro was a gypsy boy with a witch sister from a fairytale mountain. Opposites attracting is a fine story when we have a common thread in the wildly different settings, but Pietro and Crystal didn't share enough of the "human experience" within those settings to bond over like Vision and Wanda did with their respective fathers, origins, and treatment from the outside world.

The marriage seemed like an editorial directive to free up Johnny Storm and get Wanda's overprotective brother out of the picture while Vision wooed her. Pietro's reasoning seems to have been that she was the first woman he ever got close to. I think Crystal just liked the old-fashioned romance at first. Really, though, I didn't want her to die but I wanted that marriage over with for good so that Pietro could have a new love interest.

I only hated her after Son of M. There's a scene where he gets jealous because she gets a flower from someone else, and I think he even hits the guy. Now, if I didn't know the history to this marriage, I'd say that Pietro was insane dick that she should dump and no one should ever date here. And if it were any other marriage at Marvel, and we saw T'Challa getting told off by Storm, or Scott by Jean, or Reed by Sue... Yeah, I'd side with Storm, Jean, or Sue because while the latter two have tension with other guys, none of them have done anything to justify jealousy. Hell, I'd side with Crystal, even, if her reaction was "Can't you control yourself? You're overreacting! He didn't mean anything, and it was just one mistake and you can't ever seem to let it go!" instead of what it was, which basically amounted to "You're a backwards human who isn't as enlightened as us. Stop acting like you own me. That's why the marriage didn't work out." CRYSTAL who actually had an affair and gave Pietro plenty of reason to be jealous, calls him "primitive" and possessive and basically lays the blame for the marriage not working out at his feet when the cause of the tension is her not keeping her word to be monogamous. Basically, she regards him as a caveman and feels she's never done anything wrong in this whole fiasco when she's the one who is OATHBROKEN at that point. Like many fans, she puts herself up as blameless and enlightened, when SHE broke the marriage contract. It comes off as her REALIZING she can't hold to the marriage contract, but saying "fuck it, I can do what I want because I'm an enlightened being and he is an asshole if he expects me to hold to it." Hell, under Hine all of the Inhumans look down their noses at him, and treat him as an irrational lower life form.

To make matters worse, the way Son of M unfolds I'm supposed to sympathize more with her because she's in the right when it comes to Luna, but I'm too busy being pissed off at her condescending attitude towards her ex-husband after all her bullshit to care about her anxiety as a mother. It would be different if they'd well and truly ended the marriage before like they did in Silent War, because they were such a bad match but they kept trying over several freaking decades to fix it so it came off very badly.

Honestly, she's supposed to be the sympathetic party in Silent War too but all I could think was "He's incredibly sick and needs someone to just grab him and toss him in Detox, and you are the only family around who can DO that right now since the rest are depowered/having a breakdown herself" but she cuts him loose THEN of all times rather than ending it during the several years when they knew it wouldn't work but he's strong enough to handle it and move on. She just kicks him to the curb. And it's irrational, because she's in the right to annul the marriage and I've been wanting them to divorce the two for years but this just served to get me pissed at her. Really, they need to catch him and toss him into detox and she just makes it so he HAS no one. But oh, she tried to make the marriage work because she LOVED him so much back when he wasn't in real trouble. That's probably also the fault of Son of M because that's she went from merely uninteresting to awful to me.

I'll admit that Abnett and Lanning redeemed her quite a bit to me. I've read some of Realm of Kings, searching for Lorna and Pietro, and they've managed to upgrade her from hateful to irritating. I still don't like Crystal, I don't want to read about Crystal, and I sure as hell don't want to read about Pietro and Crystal married anymore. She's probably a better wife for Ronan, and he's probably a better husband for her than Pietro. (Pietro would be a better husband for a lot of women than Crystal.) I do feel bad for her when she finds out about the Lie, and I side with her if she socks him in the face when he tells her. He deserves it for the Lie. But if she pulls this "You are so primitive, and this avoiding responsibility and openness is what caused our marriage to fall apart" bullshit, she loses that. It's good to see with her calling Pietro on bullshit, but when the blame is laid entirely at his feet and he's labeled as a "bad husband" to a "good woman" when really it was just an unsuitable marriage, I've got issues with that.

Maybe I'd side if there were something in her character I could relate to. But she's always been just generic and sweet with a hint of temper. She's no doormat, true, but she doesn't have anything going for her as I see it.

Add to that that in multiple Alternate Universes, Pietro is paired with the infinitely more interesting/likable Storm and shows none of the negative traits that feed his marital tension with Crystal. On the contrary, with Storm he's a sweet and devoted romantic hero. There's major differences in personality there, and while Pietro is more grounded and controlled in Age of Apocalypse, for example, he's also with a partner who never broke his trust, and I believe that's the bigger difference.

I don't want Crystal dead. That would suck, because then someone would bring her back to life and Luna would be sad. But the marriage was simply a bad match. They don't truly suit each other like Vision and Wanda did, and the big part where they differ (fidelity) is a dealbreaker for Pietro. Pietro married the first woman ever interested in him, and Crystal married the guy who seemed more stable than the Human freaking Torch. She needs someone less temperamental who can deal with an open marriage. He needs someone monogamous and modern, but who isn't condescending to him over his being old-fashioned. He needs a woman with a logical, stable outlook who controls her emotions, a female version of the old Vision, really. Someone who won't break his trust, and if the storyline happens that he thinks she's cheated it'll be revealed as a villain hoax and he can beg for forgiveness and she can forgive his flaws. He needs someone who can be his rock, really, like Vision was Wanda's rock. And even with all her strengths highlighted, Crystal's too soft and flighty to be the rock in a relationship. The best thing to come out of Silent War (even though it made me mad at Crystal and was set up to put the blame for the end of the marriage entirely on Pietro even though Crystal's the one who dissolved the bond to begin with) was they finally got the divorce, and it just needs to stick.

Update: Oh, Crystal. This is pretty low.


  1. I think you've hit on something very important here. Ginchy, groovy, almost Gwenny Crystal from the Lee and Kirby days has been served very poorly by very nearly every writer in the 1990s and 2000s. Was there really just an editorial mandate to make all the Inhumans appear jerks?

  2. Yeah, Crystal is boring. Pietro needs somebody like Ice perhaps, but I don't think that there is anyone comparable in the Marvel Universe.

  3. I didnt know all the marriage stuff, as the first time i encountered crystal was Inhumans, and then Son Of M - but i didnt (and dont) find her a sympathetic character. I do like Pietro a lot tho. Where does the Son of M story pick back up again? I havent seen them (Luna/Pietro) in ages!

  4. Honestly, Bully, I thought Crystal was kind of "meh" even in her Lee/Kirby FF days. Alicia, even when she was saddled with the worst "poor little me" writing, was always Ben's ANCHOR, his escape from the Crazy Weirdness that Reed had made of his life. Crystal, on the other claw, never really had a role beyond "Johnny's Girlfriend". She had powers that let her actively engage in adventures, but they always came off as an afterthought, as she did herself.

    Over all, Crystal's character arc has been from "Johnny's Mystery Girlfriend" through "Pietro's Wife" to "Pietro's Ex".

  5. I think I disagree with you, SallyP. Ice doesn't strike me as the kind of girl who'd really suit Pietro. Or vice versa.

    The big difference between Pietro and Guy, to me, is that Guy is deliberately abrasive. He likes pissing people off. It's kind of a game to him, even back when he was brain-damaged and couldn't really help it. Ice was fun because while she was kind enough to let go of the little foibles he couldn't help, she can also, and will also lay down the line when he goes too far. (Which he seems to enjoy. :-))

    And she's so nice that she probably benefits from the outlet yelling at him provides. :-P

    Pietro on the other hand doesn't tend to MEAN to be an asshole. He's impatient and hot-tempered, and isn't out to get a response so much as the responses just happen. I think with Ice, he'd just run ramshod over her without ever realizing it/meaning to, then when she got upset, he would have no idea why and there'd be hurt feelings all around.

    I think he'd need someone more overtly authoritative who can stop him in his tracks before running over her, but at the same time is inflappable enough to ignore his impatience/temper.

  6. Well, you thought this through, and I didn't really, so I have to say that I agree with you. But I have to say then, that I don't know WHO would be a good match for Pietro! I guess Mary Jane isn't doing anything lately.

    1. To the replier above:
      Apparently, the MCU and even STAN LEE thinks that is so low and sthe FF would never appear in MCU But then,MCU literally rubbed off and created a totally new catch for Crystalia:
      Crystalia is a beautiful, sensuous child queen who held her subject`s weight like her own children. A woman of passion, arts and love, she sees beauty in everything and her biggest, seemingly impossible wish is to have the Inhumans not to be so cruek to other races other thab themselves. She met the Avenfers at 17 in Infinity War,and her relationship with Pietro is EXTREMELY dynamic: while she taught her royal etiquette and life outside violence, Pietro taught her life outside her royal life. She us also the one who bonded successfully with Inhumans and humans through her gentle patience and kindness and she also shattered everyone`s fears of each other
      So there it is.Crystalia is calming, serene, swan like and graceful, literally the female version of Old vision except much sweeter. She makes mistakes, she is mysterious and elusive, she has far too many depths. But she is not a bad person. Moral or immoral, Crystalia js a good girl at heart
      Read the seeker(Avengers fanfic) and you know what I`m talking about

  7. Bully and the Obedient Serpent-- I'm with the wyrm, never saw the appeal of her even that far back. I will agree that she went from unremarkable to unlikeable early in the last 3 decades. (She annoys me in the 80s too.) And really, none of the Inhumans have struck me as adding anything to the Marvel Universe except Lockjaw and Luna. I would HOPE it's purposeful, but one of the things that always grated on me about how bad Crystal's behavior was is that writers seemed to want to frame her as a sympathetic person. It simply wasn't working.

    Sally and Kalinara -- See what Kalinara said. Pietro's very different from Guy. My knee-jerk reaction would be "Not Ice, someone more like Fire" but that's wrong. Really he needs a female character with a temperament that tends to be reserved for male characters. He needs a female Guy or Clint, or a female Vision. Either a playful gadfly who won't take his impatience or temper personally because she finds it amusing, or a laid back unemotional logical type who contrasts his emotional nature. (Storm works well in AUs because she's rather Visiony in manner. Slow, deliberate, thoughtful and self-controlled.) Those are the sorts of people who could be married to a guy like Quicksilver. Pietro might have more options if he were a gay man or a straight woman (actually, he'd probably have a much better relationship with his father if he were a girl), but as a straight man his chances of finding someone with the right attitude to deal with him suck.

    Twyst -- Yeah, Crystal's probably as bad a spouse as you can get without marrying a supervillain. I never found her sympathetic, but I almost always get the impression she's SUPPOSED to be sympathetic. That just makes her more irritating, like the writers believe that everything's anyone else's fault.

    Pietro and Luna were in Silent War, then Pietro went to X-Factor and Luna was used in the Inhumans stuff and Realm of Kings. Pietro was a bad guy in X-Factor for a few issues around the time of Civil War, then he gets a one-shot called the Quick and the Dead where he goes good again (I pretty much spoil the theme a couple posts ago). He doesn't surface again until Dan Slott takes over Mighty Avengers, sometime around issue 22 or 23. I have Brevoort's word that he's been a hero for that entire run, and actually there's two storylines that he's central to, and I have an inkling he'll be important in next week's finale.

  8. I didn't have anything to add to this discussion of Pietro until you updated this post. But really? The Sentry? What kinds of standards does she have? "Hey, I don't think my husband is entirely stable. Let's sleep with a guy who's far less stable! That'll show Pietro!"

  9. Ouch. Remind me to always be on your good side, Ragnell.
    I'm slightly amused to see how you all treat a comic character as if she was an actual person. Crystal happens to be an author favorite, so, when Marvel editorial wants once again inform us how awesome the Sentry is (since the fans refuse to bow in adoration for themselves), they make the space princess fall for him.
    Her biggest flaw, in my opinion, is not having anough character traits that allow her to be portrayed consistently. Most go for the prissy angle, or pretty girl for the hero to fall for.
    Which, by the way, is a pity. Her looks and her powers are quite striking.

  10. Would I be out of line to suggest that Crystal is her own refrigerator?

    Crystal is a character who has always, ALWAYS been defined by her relationship with other characters -- other MALE characters. Her rare interactions with FEMALE characters -- well, Sue was still in her Baking Cookies phase when Crystal was in FF, but can anyone really describe what kind of relationship she had with WANDA? Her sister-in-law, the most important person in her brother's life?

    If anyone can find a scan of so much as a CONVERSATION between these two, I'll be surprised. If such a thing exists, I suspect it'll seem very forced and uncomfortable.

    I can't think of any character that I could describe as Crystal's FRIEND.

    No matter how much the writers seem to want us to sympathize with her, nobody has ever cared about her enough to, oh, write a "Spotlight on Crystal" issue, much less the Limited Series that EVERYONE else in the Marvel Universe gets at some point.

    She's not so much a character as a plot device in someone else's story. Johnny, Pietro, the Sentry ... she's just there to make points about THEIR lives, not her own.

  11. That's an interesting point. Crytal doesn't seem to interact with other women much. Granted, I haven't been reading a lot of Marvel lately, but I other than Sue, all I can remember is her gushing over Jan's wedding dress, and how jealous everyone was going to be, back when the Wasp tricked Hank into marrying her.

  12. Yeah, AND she has crappy powers that are hard to understand. AND she's the only original inhuman who isn't a great, great Kirbydesign.

  13. The scans in question:

  14. Ever watched Avatar the Aibender? Only instead of a 12 year old boy it's a valley girl who can manipulate the four elements.
    Writing clusterf***s aside, those are Crystal's basic powers.

  15. Ouch. Remind me to always be on your good side, Ragnell.
    I'm slightly amused to see how you all treat a comic character as if she was an actual person.

    You're kind of new to blogging, aren't you?

  16. Well yeah, Marina, of course I'm more angry at the character than the writers. That's one way to tell the difference between bad writing and a bad character. If you're mad at the character rather than the writer, the writing is obviously pretty good because they brought her to life for you.

    As the wyrm points out above, Crystal isn't treated as a hero like writers treat their favorite characters. (And I said earlier she's not even sympathetic when she's in the right and the situation is the sort that you'd naturally sympathize with someone in her position.) She's the writer's favorite PLOT DEVICE. They like the idea of her, maybe the concept, but what they love more than anything is the male characters they get to push around using Crystal. THAT is where the sympathy goes. There's an argument that this could be due to a succession of sexism on the part of Marvel writers, but these are the same people who write Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff, Lorna Dane, Jessica Jones, and Carol Danvers so vividly. You could call it slutshaming, but give Natasha Romanov to the same writers and she comes off as a hero no matter what sneaky shit she's involved in.

    Despite her powers and her connections, and how perfect she is as a hero's girlfriend on paper, there are some traits encoded in the character that pass through every writer. From what I've identified, she constantly comes off as vapid and selfish, even when she's smiling and proclaiming her love. That we dislike her for this, rather than the writers writing her (as we would if Jean ever divorced Scott when he was having a nervous breakdown/addicted to a DNA altering substance; or if Storm ever cheated on T'Challa) means the writers did something right when they portrayed her as such.

    And being angry at the characters rather than the writer means they managed to get us invested in the story, no matter how much we'd like to reject the plot *ahem*SonofM*ahem*.

  17. Your Obedient Serpent -- Exactly. Mario's scene seems to be pre-Pietro, but it emphasizes the point. Sleeping with the Sentry proves that Crystal is just a waypost in the Marvel Silver Age. She's the princess of the nearest alien society, and the hero has a romance with her. Unlike Johnny and Bob, Pietro was naive enough (he'd never interacted closely with anyone not his sister, this was really the first woman to show an interest in him) to mistake it for something lasting. The Sentry had to be slipped into Marvel history at the important points, the ones where major heroes would be found, for his backstory to work so they had him go to the moon and romance the princess there.

    YOS and SAlly: There's a scene at the beginning of Morgan Conquest with her, Pietro, Luna and Wanda at a restaurant. Wanda and her exchange comments about how cranky Pietro is, but it's more them teasing him than them interacting with each other. This was post-Heroes Reborn, where Wanda and Crystal got sucked into the pocket world but Pietro stayed behind (and had his own series. With furries.) so there was probably some interaction between the two in Avengers Reborn, but really... who wants to read and scan that series?

    Mark -- Can't really blame someone for hard to understand powers (I freaking love Wanda, for instance) and her design is pretty. It's just her personality is grating.

    Mario -- Thanks. I wish there was a way to retcon out the marriage and keep Luna.

  18. Sorry, finally got the chance to sit down and read this.

    Again, I can't speak of the kind of character that Crystal was, for I never really read the Avengers or Fantastic Four titles when she was heavily involved in them. I have no doubt in your assessment nor in your conclusion based on those titles, but what I wanted to say in the other post is that in the last couple of years (with all the DnA cosmic titles), she DOES have a personality now.

    As a matter of fact, in War of Kings we see Crystal and Polaris acting as friends, with Lorna acting as sort of the maid of honor (I would have to go and look to see if it was specifically named, but she was at the wedding for sure). We see them talking about the marriage, about Crystal's duty to the Inhumans, her relationship with the Kree populace. (On a side note, where the hell have Polaris and Havok been lately?)

    In the Realm Of Kings: Inhumans mini series that recently wrapped up we can see that Crystal is probably going to be either a political leader or the leader of a rebellion, as she is clashing more and more with Medusa, her sister.

    And as someone coming to the character with pretty much no previous experience (only reading about her past escapades in articles, never in comics, with the exception being the Inhumans series by Jenkins and Lee, but she wasn't in the spotlight there), she does seem like a sympathetic character. She is forced into a marriage that she does not like, but that she agrees to because it will be for the greater good of the Kree. During the war, she was one of the few Inhumans to spend time helping with rescue operations, rather than sit in their city planning the next stage of the battle.

    And I'll go for the no prize here, working the character that she was with the character she is now. She always was the princess of the Inhuman family, the younger child, the little sister, the one that never had to work for anything in her life, that could go and spend time in Earth if she wanted to (her older sister would take care of all the royal affairs after all), the one that could have flings and relationships with whoever she wanted, not like her older sister who was already married to Black Bolt. Of course, it all changed when the very way of life of the Inhumans was in danger, when the Terrigen Crystals were stolen and a war was declared. Maybe the Inhuman royal family got together and had a heart-to-heart with the carefree princess, or maybe it was just a self realization that she finally needed to grow up and start behaving like the royalty that she is, it doesn't matter. What matters is that in the past couple of years, Crystal has started to develop a more regal attitude, putting the well being of the Inhumans and the Kree above her needs or wants.

    Anyway, I have no doubt than in the past she might have been portrayed badly, but I don't think that is the case any longer. I don't mean to tell you she is a good fit for Pietro, nor would I want to force you to read about a character you feel so strongly about, but as someone that came into the character as pretty much a blank canvas, I thoroughly enjoyed her appearances in War Of Kings/Realm Of Kings, etc.

  19. Matt -- Well, she'd HAVE to improve to carry the series. I wouldn't call a more regal attitude something I'd like on her, though. Good that she's less selfish. but the thing is I really don't like her OR the Inhumans so it'll take a better hook than the Inhumans at the center of Cosmic Marvel story (for me the center of the Marvel U is New York and the Earth characters) to get me to stop hating on her.

    You do worry me a bit with the "marriage she doesn't want" thing, like they'll pair her off with Pietro again down the road. And honestly, what I've seen of RoK made me really, really, want that marriage gone for good because Pietro is one of my favorite characters and when the two were together for an issue there I found him incredibly unlikable. (I can't help but suspect that was to make her more sympathetic, which just gets me annoyed at the writers.) Yes, he's an arrogant cranky asshole, but the assumption after Crystal divorced him and all he'd done that she remarried for politics and would come back to him otherwise was not just assholish, but jarringly out of sync with the way Slott, Bendis, and David had been writing him. He's a dick in a different way, is what I'm saying.

    I will give you that one thing is unjust to judge her on. She's become such a waypost in the Silver Age that the freaking SENTRY has to have sleeping with her retconned in. Yeesh, that's a shitty thing to do with a female character.

    PS -- I'd love to find out what happened to Lorna too (apparently the editors lost her-- ).

  20. While the marriage started as arranged, and as something that Crystal was opposed to, we have been slowly seeing them get closer together and become a couple. It's actually pretty well done, first they got married, then they developed a friendship, and now they are falling in love. It's an odd dynamic, but one that I see sticking. I don't think we are going to see her and Pietro back together any time soon.

    Speaking of Pietro, did you see the awesome moment he got in the latest issue of Thunderbolts? (I don't think you read that series)

  21. (Mis disculpas previas por postear este comentario en español, pero mi dominio -en cuanto a redacción- del inglés es pobre y no quería malos entendidos)

    Primero que nada GRAN POST!
    Luego de eso añadir: sí, definitivamente el error más grande de los escritores fue llegar a un matrimonio sin establecer bases en los personajes.
    Y no, no me refiero al corto tiempo en el que Crystal y Pietro sin conocerse decidieron casarse, eso incluso hubiera sido un buen plot; el problema fue que Pietro era ya un personaje y Crystal era tan solo un hermoso diseño de trazos sobre papel.
    Es que, como dijo Your Obedient Serpent, Crystal no consiguió su desarrollo como personaje sino hasta el estallido de la guerra de reyes (WAR OF KINGS) e incluso es todavía incipiente.
    No puedo decir que odio a Crystal, es más diría que le tengo cierto cariño al personaje, pero mis razones no tienen nada que ver con simpatía. Crystal es bastante fácil de detestar, pero tiene gran fuerza en ese sentido como personaje para aportarle a la historia la tensión necesaria. Pietro y sus errores tienen parte de su origen en su pésima relación con Crystal, y eso es muy agradable para la historia de Pietro. Sin Crystal, Pietro tendría un problema menos del que ocuparse, una hija no existiría...
    Lo que sí no quisiera es un salto de cobardía por parte de los guionistas.
    Si ya metieron la cabeza en esto, no pueden huir sin luchar...
    Con todo lo que ha acontecido y con el despertar de Crystal se pueden hacer muchas buenas cosas. Podríamos leer grandes historias de ahora en más...
    Y no, no pido reconciliación, no quiero una pobre telenovela...
    Piensen esto por un momento:
    El primer matrimonio fue un error mayúsculo...
    Les propongo una ucronía:
    "Qué tal si Pietro hubiera desarrollado su tortuosa relación con Crystal justo ahora, en este gran momento de tensión, Crystal casada con Ronan por el bien de sus gentes. Pietro en caos por la pérdida de Wanda, realmente ahora cuando necesita de alguien"
    Añadan a la decepcionada Luna. Aquí sí que hubiéramos tenido una gran historia...
    Aún podemos tenerla...
    No hablo de reconciliación.
    Hablo de una desesperada inmersión en una relación que ya nunca será.
    Crystal y Pietro descubriéndose por vez primera como son en realidad.
    Quién sabe si deseándose en verdad o rechazándose definitivamente; en fin pero descubriendo al extraño con quien compartieron alcoba alguna vez.
    No deseo abolir el divorcio. Sé que el matrimonio empezó con una pobre historia, eso es lo que me indigna. No quiero que el escritor de turno huya sin enmendar ese insultante error. Quiero una salida triunfal y decorosa de esa mal iniciada historia.
    Creo que los lectores lo merecemos!

    Pidiendo disculpas nuevamente por escribirlo en Español, y deseosa de que alguien lo entienda,