Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl Comics

Jeanine Schaefer in the interview:
It’s actually comics BY women—and I mean, top to bottom: written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered. The logo is by a woman, all the interior design, production, proof-reading and editing is all by women.

Although some creators have gravitated towards their favorite female super hero, it’s not specifically focused on our female characters, and I’m not trying to generate content that I think will appeal to more women. I don’t want to give away all the stories, but we’re really running the gamut of Marvel characters, from Punisher to the FF to Mary Jane. We’re making great comics by great women, period—when given the opportunity to create a story about whatever they wanted, the pitches I got back from everyone have been hugely diverse in tone and characters.

And check out the list:
Contributors include Kathryn Immonen, Marjorie Liu, Devin Grayson, Ann Nocenti, Trina Robbins, G. Willow Wilson, Stephanie Buscema, Amanda Conner, Jill Thompson, Louise Simonson, Valerie D’Orazio, Colleen Coover, Molly Crabapple, Nikki Cook, Ming Doyle, Abby Denson, and Carla Speed McNeil.

Louise Simonson? Ann Nocenti? Ming Doyle? Jill Thompson? AMANDA CONNER?!

She-Hulk on the cover. Bucky-Cap and Black Widow in the background. (Are we going to get a story with those two? Please!)

All female creators, writing about superheroes. There's no pushing towards female characters or girly stories, just the stories female creators wanted to make. With a stupid name, yes, but someone's even found a historical reference there.

This... might actually be a good idea... come up with by Marvel.


  1. A good idea indeed. Whodathunk? I have to admit to loving that cover by Amanda Conner.

  2. Good idea all around, except the name. Now lets see if the good folks at DC have an answer.

  3. I love that cover so much that I am tempted to make it my screensaver. And the talent involved! Color me stoked as well.

  4. But, honestly... if DC did this, it would be met with "you're ghettoizing women. This is tokenship!" And I can't say that those comments would be incorrect. But somehow Marvel doesn't draw that criticism.

  5. Comic books are like Mars. They need women. More writers, creators, characters sure. But comic books really suffer from ignoring their female audience.

    imo, any steps from a publisher in that direction is a plus.

  6. Ryan, if you read the Beat comments thread, I think you will recant that.

  7. G. Willow Wilson! I look forward to seeing what characters she'll be playing with... :)

    The anthology's name isn't exactly, um, catchy, but of all the names listed here, it's the least important by far.

  8. Duncan, I didn't read all 140-odd comments, but I'm not sure I have anything to recant. Yes, Marvel drew some criticism for the title, etc... I'd be shocked if they didn't.

    Pardon me if I was being unclear. I was intending to comment much more upon how if DC launched a comics called "Girl Comics" with an all female line-up of talent? Given DC's history with its fans, I'm fairly certain the outcome would have been met with a tremendously larger dose of skepticism.

    I don't follow too much in the way of editor's careers, but its interesting to see Jeanine Schaefer is editing this mini. She was Berganza's sacrificial lamb when he tried his "hey, ladies! We asked some lady around the office if we were being totally creepy about how we relaunched Supergirl!" DC Nation column a few years back.

    I hope this series kicks Berganza in the butt.