Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Current Events

Let me level with you guys who bother to look beyond the other post, I came out on the offense with a certain Hyenaboy because I have honestly watched him in flamewars before and I've seen how he argues. Dishonestly and weaselly. He runs you around in circles and splits hairs until you're too exhausted to do anything but say "You were right, my King" or just give up dealing with him. He gets a little self-satisfaction and you get a little headache.

He does this by deflection (turning your attacks towards targets you didn't aim for or even think of; seizing on an insignificant weak spot and trying to destroy you through it) and deception (implying something completely wrong, then blaming you for the misinterpretation; outright misrepresentation of your original argument). He employs these tactics mercilessly, and does so under a thin veneer of civility. This way, when you get sick of the dishonestly and lose your temper, you look bad.

I don't have the time or energy for it, myself. So I threw insults out specifically to avoid an argument with him. I preemptively spewed fire at the first sight of him, and decided against going into anything specific because I refuse to spend hours of my life reading someone's smarmy defense of how he spends his. (My predictions were validated here, by the way.)

He did surprise me during this by IMing me personally and obsessing over me a bit. I mean, seriously, the guy has enough fame he should be secure enough to ignore someone who won't deal with him right? He'll go away after a few days, right? Wrong. Seems that when the King finds himself unable to faze his opponent by lobbing bullshit he whines to his vassals about the big meanie in his weekly roundup.

And he has a decent sized holding.

Now I was--in the beginning--willing to discuss it with anyone except Rich but since we've reached the point where the King sends his knights to fight the big bad dragon I'm just going to go into burn mode.

Because the goal of the vast majority of traffic here is to shame me for daring to insult the sovereign of bleeding cool, not to have an honest discussion. So I might as well have as much fun as possible with the sudden attention.

If you're a regular reader and disappointed, my apologies. I'm not swayed by your pleas, though, so don't bother. I'm in a pointless brutal fight where civility would be a waste of effort. Serious blogging might resume when one side or the other gets bored, or I finally get the latest installment of Blackest Night in the post.

My apologies also for cluttering your feeds with this idiocy, but it is the holiday mailing season and I'm avoiding spoilers during the delay so I'm even more behind on community events than usual.

If you're looking for an honest discussion on the subject, steer clear of that post, this one... and well, me for a few weeks because King Rich's latest tactic makes it impossible for me to take any arguments seriously at the moment. Try one of the other places or do your own blog post and hold a discussion there.

If you wanna be an ass in either direction, feel free to use this thread or the other.

If you came here from the man's website to call me a meanie, you're a poopyhead.


  1. Courage!

    I imagine its tough to write about serious matters when the dialog about the subject become mired in a flame war.

    Most blogs would just shut down comments or set them to 'pending approval' and I think that's a good thing. I mean, it's cool that you're being open about it, but it's their bad behavior and you shouldn't have to tolerate that on your own site.

  2. Hang in there.

    Hopefully this idiocy will blow over as soon as he has some new, horrible thing that his corporate paymasters want him to promote as 'cutting edge industry gossip' or whatever.

  3. I don't recognise the picture you paint obviously.

    But I was wanting to have an honest discussion.

  4. Rich Jonnston, you're not a journalist, your website's shit, you can't write a good or even tolerable Doctor Who story to save your life, you need to cut your fucking ugly hair, shave your fucking ugly neck beard, lose some goddamn weight, learn how to actually write or at least fucking spell, and stop leaving anonymous comments on Ragnell's blog supporting yourself, you whiny, sexist, insecure, immature, disingenuous, mockworthy shadow of an actual man.
    I can't believe there was any debate on what to call you, a rat or a hyena, because you are Rich Johnston, shit-sucking wanker. You are a creature incapable of contributing to anything, much unlike hyenas and rats. The world is poorer for having you in it, Rich Johnston.

  5. At some point I developed a habit of linking people to the Safety Dance video when they got trollish. It helps, for some reason.

  6. Ragnell,

    Another year soon comes to an end, and I am glad that you were part of it.

    Alan Coil

  7. Oh Ragnell...I haven't had this much fun since the great Meely war of a few years ago. I think the Dragon is going to win this one.


  8. Unless those heads are actually made out of poo, Larry is pretty sure that last line is libelous.

  9. I found the preemptive shit-tossing to be refreshing, and hilarious when combined with Rich's air of wounded innocence.