Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you identify this piece of underwear?

Prior to moving to Germany, I bought the most wonderful sports bra that I have ever worn off the rack in a cheap chain megastore. After several months of picking through European sidestreet stores and AAFES stock I am unable to find anything that fits quite like it. I'm forced to search online stores and mail-order catalogs for the same model of bra.

Here I get into difficulty, because there is no little embroidered manufacturer's logo on the bra itself. To further complicate things, the label that tells you the model name, manufacturer, and size for the bra is faded beyond recognition. It (and I'm not sure if "It" is a manufacterer, model name, or size) begins with an "X". I know the care instructions, and the material, but I don't know who makes the bra or what it would be called. I also don't remember which cheap megastore stocked it on the rack. I have only two of these bras, and neither label is decipherable. They are beginning to show signs of wear, so in my hour of need I turn to the wilds of the internet.

With pictures.



Here is a close-up of the label:
Pardon the lens flare, but this was the best I could manage. I'm no catalog photographer. You can at least make out what I can: an X and space for maybe five letters after.

The material is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The non-mesh parts are double-layered solid fabric, white on the exterior and black on the interior. The black exterior parts are mesh.

Please, if you recognize this bra, contact me in the comments. Any information that can lead to the purchase of another one of these sports bras would be greatly appreciated.


  1. The only manufacturer at a chain store that I know of that starts with an x is Xhilaration at Target. Don't know if they are still making these though.

  2. A bit too long, and it looks like they don't do much sportswear. Thanks, though!

  3. On a whim I did a Google search and found an X-Static brand. Can't find a picture of the logo, though.

    I also looked up Brandi Chastain, because she is cool and, well, all this talk about sports bras...

  4. Could it be X-Chrom? Google seems to indicate that is a brand of sports bra.

  5. I think it's X-Static.

    Sierra Trading Post has a similar-looking model in pink, but it's the same fabric blend.

    Looks like "InSport Xodus Divine Structure Sports Bra" is the item name, and some other stores have it- it looks like it's still being made or at least there's still some available.

  6. Wasn't X-Static the name of an old X-Men spinoff?