Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every once in a while, Sims shows evidence of a working brain.

Like on IM today...

Chris Sims: So.
Chris Sims: To review.
Chris Sims: Post-Nextwave, Machine Man gets to be a surly, drunken, shape-changing leading man in MARVEL ZOMBIES 3, where he takes on an entire planet of the undead and wins.
Chris Sims: Post-Nextwave, Monica Rambeau gets to be in MARVEL DIVAS, which is described as "Sex in the City in the Marvel Universe."
Chris Sims: No wonder you women are so mad all the time.

The comparison hadn't occurred to me until then. I'd even been willing to write the whole thing off as EiC Foot-in-the-Mouth syndrome, but now I'm all mad Marvel again.


  1. The comparison gets even worse when you consider what just happened to Boom Boom over in X-Force...

  2. Now to be fair, FIRST Aaron Stack got hired on to sidekick for Ms. Marvel alongside Sleepwalker. His payment being an LMD of Ms. Rambeau that he attached his head to...

    Yeah, Brian Reed was a pretty creepy writer honestly...

  3. Well, that pretty much sums it all up, and quite pithily, I might add.

  4. i can just see them now thinking "what do women like? they love sex in the city!"

    somehow, i'm very doubtful that the women that love sex in the city are reading very many comics. or reading in general. just a guess.

    and the cover of that book? every single female is exactly the same shape and facial features.