Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm about to lose some money, aren't I?

So Kalinara and I have a standing bet on Captain America. We're both completely convinced that Steve Rogers will be back very soon. Kalinara figured on a milestone issue. She said they'll either bring him back with issue 50 or they'll renumber Captain America like they did Fantastic Four and Thor on the next big centissual (I know that can't be the right word but I'm using it anyway) and mark the event with resurrection of Steve Rogers. I said that it would coincide with a date or an event rather than an issue number. I expected Steve Rogers to be resurrected on the month of his 70th Anniversary issue, in a special 4th of July or Sept 11th issue, or just before the movie comes out.

50/50 Cover by ALEX ROSS
Where were you when Captain America died? It's the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U...a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for... or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it's both. Plus, contributions from Cap creators past and present, including a very special essay by Joe Simon, a classic story from Cap's Golden Age, a full gallery of 600 Cap covers, and more anniversary shenanigans than you can shake a shield at!
104 PGS./New and Reprints/Rated T+ ...$4.99

Cover by LUKE ROSS
A milestone 600th issue is worthy of a special issue of SPOTLIGHT no matter what the title. But when it's CAPTAIN AMERICA? We're gonna rock and roll with a SPOTLIGHT that's full of as much red, white and blue shield-slingin' surprises as we can! First up is an exclusive interview with the creative team ushering in this august occasion: Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice and Luke Ross -- three luminaries who have been letting their Cap flags fly! On top of that, we'll have coverage of some of the great Cap artists of all time, including 600th-issue cover artists Steve Epting and Alex Ross. We promise you'll be just as thrilled to read this as we will be to put it together! Remember: Cap's history is America's history! So join the SPOTLIGHT team as we take a look back and to the future with America's most patriotic hero!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

CBR News: Marvel Solicitations, June 2009

Yeah, they might as well have just put "The Return of Steve Rogers" in that solicit. There's a chance I can keep my ice cream money in June (maybe if someone from Marvel sees this blogpost and goes "oh shit, the fans are on to us!") but it's so slim it's under five on the BMI scale. This solicit is so obviously for a resurrection event that I'd bet the Steve is back reveal happens in the first few pages and that the end of the book has a completely different cliffhanger (You know, like in issue #25) if Kalinara didn't also figure on Brubaker pulling that again.

I took the long bet mainly because I wanted to watch Bucky squirm in Steve's place for a few extra months but I think I'll get over it. See, I'm starting to love the idea of Steve coming back in the middle of Dark Reign. How else can you can top "Wait.. you guilted/extorted/bribed my traumatized (semi-adopted) baby brother to risk his life doing my job..." but with "Tony... HOW did the Green Goblin end up holding the list of superhero names and addresses, along with all of that tech specifically designed to take out the people NOT on the list..."?
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  1. How else can you can top "Wait.. you guilted/extorted/bribed my traumatized (semi-adopted) baby brother to risk his life doing my job..." but with "Tony... HOW did the Green Goblin end up holding the list of superhero names and addresses, along with all of that tech specifically designed to take out the people NOT on the list..."?

    I think you're giving Marvel way too much credit for forward planning, there.

  2. Well, I'm not expecting it to happen in a Bendis book. But there's a chance Brubaker will write an interesting "Steve gets caught up on current events" scene.

  3. Well, June 2009 will make a full year since I started working in a comics store my own scaly self.

    If this really is the return of Steve Rogers, maybe, just MAYBE, after the Big Two keep screwing us on advance ordering for stuff by springing Big Media announcements AFTER our ordering window is closed, we MIGHT have just gotten the jump on them.

  4. Oooh, I'm not entirely convinced (though I'd like to see it, at least if Marvel is over their latest Evil is Kool stage.) I do expect him back, but probably more in the 2011 timeframe.

  5. I should have bet for higher stakes. :-) As is for all the bets we've made and I've won over the years, you owe me...three ice cream cones.

    I will collect one day.

  6. RE: Twitter post

    Nazi skrulls? The head Ultimate Skrull was a Nazi...

  7. Norman still doesn't have the list. Tony does and he's pretty much giving himself a lobotomy to get it out of his head. He's basically getting stupider and stupider as the story progressing due to him destroying his mind.

  8. I am reminded of an old Soviet era joke. A Pole goes into a local bank with his weekly earnings, and is about to hand it to a teller to deposit. But he is hesitant, and asks: "How do I know the funds will be here next week? What if there is a run on the bank?"

    The teller responds: "Do not worry, comrade. Even if there were a run on the bank, the regional planning committee would produce the funds to cover you."

    But the man still has his doubts: "But what if there are runs on multiple banks and the regional planning committee cannot cover us all?"

    "Then the Polish government itself would step in and see to it that your funds are available."

    "But what if all the banks in Poland should go down, what happens then?"

    "Then we will turn to our beloved mother and protector, the Soviet Union, and they will keep us solvent."

    "But what if the Soviet Union collapses?"

    "Idiot! Isn't that worth a week's pay?"