Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Thought

We were goofing around on Twitter and a thought occurred to me. The Spirit was a good property to begin with, and the Frank Miller treatment--Frankification, as it were--has reportedly drained all of the originality and beauty out of the source material. But there are properties out there--popular properties--which the exact same treatment would improve.

Just imagine...
Frank Miller's Twilight.

I think I might be able to fly with that thought.


  1. How would Frank Miller manage the sparkles?

  2. Me and some friends wrote snippets of Frank Miller's Underdog. And another friend had plans for NES City, a webcomic version of Sin City using Nintendo characters...

  3. I want to see Frank Miller's "Tommy", a remake of the classic Who film.

    Hey, he's got experience writing blind guys, right?

  4. ... Anything is better than what Meyer has right now, I believe. The books were torture.

  5. I stared down at her. Beautiful Bella. She broke the heart I thought I'd never had, she burned through my senses like desire made flesh. I had to show her.

    "There's a reason we never let the humans see us in the sun," I said. She had to know. I had to do this. To make her understand the burden she was reaching for so innocently.

    I strode into the clearing, where the sun streamed down like a death-ray. Tore my t-shirt right down the middle. My angel shrieked like she was being cast down from heaven as the sunlight blazed off my diamond skin and seared her vision.

    "Edward," she breathed, and caught me around the neck. "Oh Edward, you're so fucking beautiful."


    Sorry, I couldn't resist...