Monday, March 31, 2008

The hell--?

How can anyone hate Barbies?


  1. You'd be surprised. I think because Barbie has become a pop culture staple that it/she attracts detractors for any given reason. Personally, I like Barbies; I just wish the rest of my family wasn't so hyper-traditional that I could give them the stylish Fashion Fever line instead of tea party-themed dolls.

  2. I know tons of people who dislike Barbie. Promotion of unrealistic body images is high on the chart, as is promotion of a very materialistic viewpoint -- i.e., you're nothing unless you've got a dream house, a pink convertible, closets full of clothes, etc., etc.

    Not to mention the "Math is hard!" talking Barbie.

    I thought this stuff was fairly well known...

  3. because they give young women of the world unrealistic expectations vis a vie what they should look like (body proportions and the what not), what they should be doing and indoctrinates them into believing that there is nothing more to life than be consumed by purely materialistic things, reinforcing the 50's era gender stereotypes that are forced upon women so much in our culture.

    Thats why if I ever have a daughter the only barbie that she is getting is the black canary or the president barbies. And no easy bake oven.


  4. Only godless commies hate Barbie, Ragnell. ;)

  5. Well, I could do without all the hot pink plastic, but really, I was quite stunned to read that. I...I loved my Barbies. My sister and I sewed our own clothes, and made our own furniture. We made our own cars.(shoeboxes and tinkertoys...yes, I'm old) We made medieval outfits, victorian outfits with hoopskirts, and anything else we could imagine.

    Thomwade is right.

  6. I'm with Scott. I thought lots of people hate Barbie.

    I can take her or leave her, but my wife hates her with a hot heat.

  7. Well, everybody knows Barbie, so she's an easy way for people to talk about body issues--easier than pictures in magazines (or comics, for that matter).

    I liked my Barbies well enough as a kid; they spent most of their time being spies, as I recall. I had other toys I played with more, though.

    I don't think folks really need to worry much about Barbie damaging young minds anymore, however--these days, it's the Bratz who've got that job! :) If my kids are at all representative, Barbie is just not the fashion doll of choice.

  8. My wife hates Barbies.

    My mom is a Barbie freak. (she had one of the originals, even).

    I have an eight-year-old daughter.

    Cue passive-agressive purchases and

    My daughter is actually pretty ambivalent. But she LOVES legos (and littlest pet shop).

  9. Oh, Random. I feel your pain, man.

  10. Thank you, ROB. I, for one, have no opinion, except that i think the Black Canary Barbie is AWESOME.

  11. I only ever liked Barbie cars... so I could run the Barbie dolls over.

  12. I like Barbies :D

    I thought it was cool to hate Barbies now tho :o

  13. I'm a guy. And thus sort of indifferent. But really, I don't find Barbie unhateable. A tall rich blonde with no vagina? For a young lad, that's a metaphor for all the women who will shoot you down, innit?

  14. When I was little (which wasn't too long ago) I used to strip the barbies naked. And hang them from the stairs.

    My mom thought she was raising a sadist.

    I don't hate barbies, because honestly, they bored me. The clothes were boring, the ideas were boring- I only played with them when my neighbor/friends came next door, and then we would have crazy adventures where we'd enter the witch's house and have kick ass fights. But mostly they lay in a box, because I liked running outside playing tag or hide and see k, riding my bicycle, and all around being more like the boys then girls to really care about them.

    And I hated their clothes. There were never any cool clothes. And I was not about to sit still and learn how to sew back when I was such a hyperactive kid. Instead my brother and I formed a club of "spies" with our neighbors/friends, dressed in the stupidest mix up of clothes possible (Think of a traditional African dress my dad had gotten me with a fedora hat, winter gloves, sneakers and a tank top on top) and we'd run around pretending we were shooting each other.

    I only grew to dislike barbies when I heard that girls were supposed to be like them. I beheaded them then.

    Dammit, you just sent me on a time trip and I can't stop reminiscing now!