Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For Future Reference

I like the Parallax retcon.  Not just the results, but I like the idea.  I think that Emerald Twilight was abrupt (though yes, there were some character moments prior to it that screamed "Not normal"), and that mind control explains it perfectly.  I have no problems with the cheesiness of a giant yellow grasshopper (fFROM OUTER SPAAAACE!!!) with the ability to control minds, possess bodies, and instill fear in the hearts of sentient beings.  We're talking about superhero comic books here, after all.

I think the retcon fits seamlessly into continuity.  I don't think it ruins the previous stories.  I even think that there are points where Ron Marz left the option out to explain Hal's behavior as the result of mind control/possession (Emerald Knights) so it fits very well in there.  I think it is awesome to have all the Lanterns active, and the GLC back.

I like that it was the Guardians fault this thing got out.

I don't mind the re-explanation of the yellow weakness.

I don't think that Hal needs to be responsible or punished for his actions during and after Emerald Twilight.  He's a comic book character.

I don't mind that he's angsty over the Parallax thing.  Or that he lost some face.  Or that he gained it back.

I think it was cool that Kyle got possessed, because that was always his big fear.

I like the Fear theme to the Green Lantern franchise.  I find it relevant to today's society.  I find it comforting to escape into a story where a hero literally has to wrestle with willpower and emotions.

I kind of like that the emotions are represented by colors and big psychic energy organisms.

I find it fun and appropriate that, when revealed, that the Personification of Fear is a fucking absurd concept that nevertheless would make you shit your pants were you to meet it.

I'm not saying Geoff Johns is a genius.  I'm not saying that we are wasting our time discussing comic books.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with you if you disagree with me.

I'm just saying that I like it, and I would like the commenters who don't like it to avoid pissing in my cheerios when I'm happy over Green Lantern.  There is precious little that I get joyful about, and I would like these feelings of joy to be sustained as long as possible.


  1. It's ok Ragnell. Green Lantern is indeed a thing of wonder and beauty, and you are perfectly right to be joyful about it.

    I've come to consider the creation of Parallax as the big yellow Fear bug to be a thing of genius, because it just makes re-reading all those old issues even more fun.

    And the new book comes out tomorrow! Huzzah!

  2. An ode to your joy, Ragnell.... :+)

    - Tragic Fanboy

  3. I agree. And frankly I will go you one better. I think the Parallax retcon is a shining example of how to do a retcon right. It in no way shape or form discounts what went before nor removes the consequences of anyones actions, but at the same time by giving us new information it puts everything in a different light.

    I have always been a Green Lantern fan, but it had been a long long time since I had been truly interested in Hal Jordan. Thanks to Rebirth I am excited by the GL Universe and I look forward to reading the comics. Hal has gone from someone that I honestly didn't think I could stand to be in the same room with to someone that I think I could hang with and rather enjoy myself.

    And quite frankly I think all the haters can just go play. Ultimately if you don't like it? Hey don't read it. Lord knows I did just that during most of the Marz years. Wasn't my cup of tea so I didn't drink.



  4. See just one more example of why you're such a meanie head. My blog should be about my favorite things. All about you! Jimmy was right! You're the internets evilest woman! Excalamation points make it true!

  5. Parallax has always been a Space Bug for me -- I only got into GL properly with Rebirth (previous exposure being Alan Scott in Checkmate and the Alan Moore Tales of the GLC that half of this current stuff stems from), and to be honest it was almost entirely down to reading your blog, and now I LOVE IT. So thank you.

  6. Agreed on all counts, Ragnell, and agreed with Toriach as well. I went back and re-read the Death and Return of Superman saga fairly recently, and remember thinking about the yellow bug during the Green Lantern tie-in. Not to mention how that single issue managed to determine Hal Jordan's life for fifteen-plus years.

  7. There's something beautiful in the unapologetic and unwaivering love of the hardcore GL fan. GL fans are like Legion fans without the weird clubhouse mentality. I wish I could love one comic that much.

    The Fear Bug recton is nice because it saved Hal Jordan, kept him heroic, and saved one of DC's cornerstone from that ill-conceived infestation known as the 90's. But it's not going up on my shelf next to my copy of Watchmen.

  8. I don't get the fear bug hate. It's not what I would have done, but it got the job done without ruining Hal or Kyle in the process.

  9. I have no problem with bringing Hal back (though I wasn't desperately missing him & was fine with Kyle) & the eventual Paralax retcon wasn't anything that I had any kind of major problem with.
    One thing that made me laugh a bit at the time though was how much "Paralax-Hal" (you know, in early issues of Rebirth, before revealing Paralax's true bug-like nature, where they'd have Hal split off into Paralax and normal selves) looked like Beavis, of "and Butthead". Does no one else see it?

  10. I've been thinking about this entry for a while now, off and on, and I've been wondering...

    Have you ever thought about disabling comments? I don't mean to imply that you can't handle criticism, or anything, but it honestly does seem that they provide you with more stress than entertainment. You've posted on more than one occasion about frustrating or irritating commenters, and there's even a little "warning" in the sidebar of your blog about it.

    I mean this as friendly advice, and I hope it doesn't upset you. I'm just saying that you can get rid of them if you think it'll make you happier. Comments aren't mandatory. If you don't enjoy reading them, disable them. Nobody's going to think any less of you. (And if they do, you'll never know! :) )

  11. I'm not a religious man by any means (which you know), but I still think it's dumb that Hal Jordan has the willpower to defeat something that got past the Spectre, and therefore has more willpower than God. Literally.

  12. Re: more willpower than God. I explain it away like so: Parallax had his hooks in Hal's soul pretty deep, and the Spectre couldn't just tear into Parallax without damaging Hal in the process. Kind of like dealing with a tick or other parasite: of course your doctor could beat it up in a fist fight, but not without inviting a malpractice suit.

  13. I would say that the Spectre has no will of its own; it has a mission. Only the host has a will, and usually uses it to try to control the Spectre. The Spectre's kind of like a big divine vaguely malicious slightly-more-sentient power ring.

  14. Hal has a lot of willpower certainly, but he didn't actually defeat Parallax ALL by himself. I do believe that John, Guy, Kyle, Kilowog and Ganthet helped.