Saturday, February 09, 2008

Writer's strike may end.

New York Times:
An end to Hollywood’s long and bitter writers’ strike appeared close on Saturday, as union leaders representing 12,000 movie and television writers said they had reached a tentative deal with production companies.

The strike, which began Nov. 5, remains in effect until the governing boards of the two writers’ guilds gauge the sense of their membership this weekend and decide whether to end the walkout. The boards are expected to meet as early as Sunday, and the strike could be over by Monday morning.

A memorandum sent to some writers guild members summarized a four-hour meeting on Friday in which union leaders briefed a group of 300 strike captains. According to the memorandum, the guild boards and negotiating committee are expected to recommend the tentative deal unanimously, but they are withholding action to end the walkout until after Saturday’s scheduled meetings.
Here's the letter they sent to the WGA members.

(I know blogging's been sparse, but I came down with some sort of infection this week and haven't felt up to writing. Just wanted to share this one.)


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Get better soon please! Even we Nameless Ones are happier when you're well and being all cranky-like about something or other. (Whether or not I agree with you -- usually I do -- you're a guaranteed interesting read.)

  3. Excellent news on the Writer's Strike! Thanks for the update.

    And more importantly, I hope you Get Well Soon!

  4. Nice to hear that the Writers strike will soon be over. I hope that they actually managed to get some of the things that they were fighting for.

    It's awfully hard to be witty and bloggy when you are feeling under the weather. Hope that you feel better soon.