Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preview Perceptions

So the May solicits are up.

First, I'm going to postulate that the "red-eyed invader" in Wonder Woman #16 is actually the Mothman disguised as a human!

Okay, probably not. But Wonder Woman fighting the Mothman in the streets of Washington, DC would be pretty cool. You have to admit that.

Also fun would be Green Lantern showing up at some of the UFO sightings to write out citations. By now I'm convinced that the Guardians and most of the other cosmic powers in the DCU are looking at Earth as a Wildlife Preserve (I mean, what with the Last Kryptonian, the Last Martian, and a few other extremely endangered species making their home there) so it's just a matter of time until they start acting like Park Rangers and charge fines for trashing the place.

And speaking of Green Lantern, check out the cover to May's Green Lantern Corps.

Now, I adore Pat Gleason and you all know this. But that cover seems wrong to me. And not just because Arisia's boobs can't be that big.

Notice there's Isamot, Vath, Arisia, Kyle, and Sodam Yat on that cover. Sodam Yat is a fucking Daxamite, who wears a ring that actively keeps his system from being poisoned by lead and hosts the GLC's godlike mascot, Ion the Willpower Whale!

Why the hell is he the one who is the least physically entangled by Black Mercy plants? I'd have buried him in them if I saw him coming.


  1. It's just the cover; the purpose is to capture peoples' attention. Within the story, maybe Mongul does cover Sodom Yat in Black Mercies. But on the cover, obscuring Sodom's glowing insignia would only reduce the visual impact. (I imagine Arisia's boobs are exposed for the same reason.)

    If only we could bring Mort Weisinger back from the dead, we'd get a cover where Jimmy is asking Superman "Why are you attaching a Black Mercy to me?" and Superman would respond "Because you're a useless little creep and I'm sick of saving you all the time!" But within the story, Superman was just using the Black Mercy to keep Jimmy from noticing that crooked plumbers were hiding (solid gold) pipes in his walls. At the end, there'd be a scene with Jimmy saying "Jeepers, you mean I'm not the emperor of Daily Planetia?" and Superman responding "Ha ha ha Jimmy, it was all in your mind!" Truly, there were giants in the earth in those days.

  2. Wait, there's a Daxamite Green Lantern now?

    Oh, dear. I am so, so torn.

    Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Follow. Another. Monthly.

  3. Surely the red-eyed visitor in Wonder Woman is Ares? He's the only WW villain I can think of who hasn't put in an appearance yet who has red eyes.

  4. Two things:

    Arisia is an alien. How do you know her breasts won't keep growing til she dies....? Just saying...

    And maybe Kryptonians and their cousins Daxamites just happen to be really susceptible to the Black Mercy... So for Sodam Yat you only need a couple to hold him...

    Or maybe its just a cover;)

  5. Hmmmm...Guy's not on that cover, but Kyle IS. That means that Guy's going to save everybody! Woohoo!

    And yes, Arisia really should get a new costume. Sheesh.

  6. Or Guy's getting very busy- doesn't he cameo in both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle pretty soon?

    To agree with the original poster, when I first saw that, I didn't even notice Kyle in the background.

  7. Doesn't the Mercy attach itself to folk through a root through the ribcage? (Hush, my juvenile mind.)

    And I've always wondered... Earth is meant to be regarded as this primitive backwater by the galaxy at large. Seeing the amount of crazy nonsense that goes down on Earth, how much more crazy and wacky stuff happens on the other civilized planets? What is the powered costumed vigilante population of somewhere like Korugar, anyway?

  8. "Ion the Willpower Whale" - ROTFLMAO! I wonder if the GLC headquarters has jolly, cartoonish depictions of him on banners, and maybe a fight song?

    Earth seems to have an outlandish number of hero types compared to other planets - in the old days, the Guardians were always nagging Hal to spend less time on Earth (which had plenty of other heroes to take up the slack) and more time on the other inhabited planets in his sector (which didn't).

    - Arynne

  9. I thought they explained why Earth has so many more costumed types than the rest of the universe way back in Invasion.

    Earthlings have the Meta-Gene. That is why a few of them have god-like powers whereas 99.999999999 aliens will just develop horrible space diseases, (Like alien cancer,) the folks of the DC Earth have Kick-Ass genetics. (And magic, well the Guardians held a few campaigns against it if you remember, against the Empire of Tears and just as much random magic as they could find. Earth was missed apparently.)

    And Hal said everyone else in the sector is kinda quiet and Earth gets the lion's share of wackyness.

  10. So this is what, three uses of the Black Mercy since 'Infinite Crisis'? Which, yes, was a few years ago now, but given the "one storyline every six months" pace of modern comics, does make it seem like the danged things are being sold at FTD now.

    (Which, now as I think on it, would be awesome. "The FTD Black Mercy bouquet. Give them their fondest desire.")