Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It still puzzles me.

I've been reading the cross-community blogathon about the whole Spider-man thing, and I swore I wouldn't post on it but I broke that rule two days ago and I may as well get this one off my chest.

Admittedly, as a DC fan I'm probably more accepting of soft reboots, so I can get over the reset button and the regression. The problem is that I will never, ever understand what Marvel was thinking with Mephisto.

I mean, okay, so you don't like the marriage, you want to go back to fanland and you're too chickenshit to do a divorce (that's a rant for another day). That's one thing (). There are ways to do it without killing your character's moral standing.

There's The Scarlet Witch!, for one.

I mean, this character was ruined for a reason, right? Her powers were vague and unwieldy as a protagonist, so they made her crazy. That way she's available for use as a crossover villain and/or cheesy plot-device to make whatever the hell they want happen?

Ever since Peter took off the mask in Civil WAr I've been expecting her to pop up and fix everything. (It's not like anyone remembers what happened to her after House of M, anyway.)

Why the hell didn't they just do that? Have Peter or MJ personally piss her off.


Stupid Marvel.


  1. Things and/or characters that would have made more sense than Spider-Man MAKING A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL:

    1. Scarlet Witch

    2. The Cosmic Cube

    3. Madame Web

    4. The Spider Totem

    5. An Infinity Gem

    6. Skrull Jeebus

    7. A deal with Tony Stark for nanites

    8. Blood transfusion from the Hulk. Hey if it worked for She-hulk...

    9. Blood transfusion from She-hulk. Now with BONUS nanites

    10. Help from Thor and magic healing doohickey - Norse Style

    11. Help from Hercules and magic healing doohickey - Greek Style

    12. Help from Shaman 2/Talisman and magic healing doohickey - Inuit Style

    13. Deal with Alien Costume Symbiote. GRANNY VENOM!

  2. This is almost the same kind of story that occurred in Flash #200.

    I wonder if any fans flipped out when that occurred?

    I don't really think this is the end of the marriage as everyone is making it out to be. It looks to be that the marriage was torn apart so it could be rebuilt properly and actually set up Mary Jane as a real supporting character. Something she has not been since... the marriage.

  3. I admit to being a little down on the Peter Parker-Mary Jane relationship mainly because I just read about it in the newspaper Spiderman comics. Newspaper Spiderman is incredibly lame, spends most of his time shouting at the television, has been successfully knocked out by a brick and a non-superpowered butler, and gets incredibly jealous at hints of success from Mary Jane.

    The actual comic versions I've seen haven't been that bad, but if newspaper continuity was the main continuity, I definitely think Mary Jane should divorce him. (I tend to get my newspaper Spiderman commentary over at Comics Curmudgeon, which is Curmodgeonly about newspaper comics in general, not really a DC/Marvel site at all.

  4. I like your style. I agree that the best way to have done this would have involved an Avengers costume party, a wacky mix-up and hijinks ensuing. I mean, hell, it's a total farce anyways, right?

  5. But, see, this way they can claim that it's a major moral crisis on Peter's part, reminiscent of Dr. Faustus, etc. That makes it Litrachur! Important! Totally not a lame excuse for Joe Q. to enforce his idiosyncratic biases on the writers.

  6. Well, as Quesada apparently sees it, the deal is all on MJ's shoulders. She negotiated the whole thing and just talked Peter into it. He's just a poor schnook in this whole thing. You know, like Adam.

  7. "Ruined for a reason"... it's funny because it's true. As you may recall, I'm an MJ fan, so I'd like to see her come back to the feature- but I don't trust the current creative team to handle that given the dungpile I thought OMD was.

  8. Silly idea,but,how do we know for certain that this actually was Mephisto? The character I remember did not have the power to completely alter history...hmmm?

  9. Just wait until Bucky sells his soul to bring back Steve Rogers. Or maybe just sell his resurrection...

  10. I think there's some sort of unofficial rule that you can't use the same retcon device too many times in recent memory. So Wanda caused Avengers Disassemble and House of M, so she needs to recharge through a few events before she can retcon something else.