Sunday, December 23, 2007



  1. Oh, that John Stewart. I had been hoping that the Tek Jensen comics were selling so well we could expect a DAILY SHOW CORRESPONDENTS UNLEASHED comic. Still cool news, tho.

    (And I know that Jon Stewart is spelled differently. My mind doesn't work that quick.)

  2. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays Ragnell! :DDD


    Ami :)

  3. I made you, Kalinara and SallyP a pressie! :D

    Guy's dialogue is deliberately left blank b/c I had too many ideas for what he could say and I realized it was best if I just let you decide what he was saying :D

    I apologize for the art (I'm tired xD) and my scanner not picking up everything. xD

    Also I meant to include more GLs but I'm too tired to draw them and think of jokes. xD

    Neways I hope you like it and merry Giftmas again :)