Saturday, December 22, 2007

Of course they're playing cute for the Cluemaster's daughter.

Well, Didio's little hint just tosses another clue on the pile. Apparently Stephanie Brown is coming back to life and the reason is obvious:

DC will do anything to avoid redesigning the Batcave.

Who wants to push for a Batcave Katma Tui memorial next?


  1. I think the Batcave could use more dinosaurs xD

    Mebbe a dinosaur memorial! :O

  2. I just want the Jason Todd memorial torn down at this point. He's not dead anymore! Plus he's kind of a serial killer!

    So either tear out his case or have Batman kill Jason Todd. Either works...

  3. How about a Connor Kent statue in the Fortress of Solitude, next to Lara and Jor-El?

  4. What? They're not redesigning the Batcave anymore? Darn, I had pink and purple streamers and everything.

  5. You know, I never really cared much about Stephanie, but if this solution also permits the return of Dr. Leslie Thompkins as a non-murderer, I'll consider it a better solution than a Batcave memorial.

  6. When they first dropped the hint that they were bringing back Stephanie, my reaction was, "hell, that makes perfect sense. Of COURSE Leslie didn't deny treatment or anything like that -- she faked Steph's death and spirited her away to another city, and away from Bruce."