Thursday, November 15, 2007


I went to the store today expecting Simone's first issue of Wonder Woman, and was surprised by a new Courtney Crumrin story, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen trade at a discount and All-Star Superman.

Wonder Woman starred a version of Diana I like, a version of Nemesis I like, and Themiscyra is not forgotten.

There was a one-page characterization scene between Kyle and Donna in Countdown this week.

Concept art for a Dresden Files comic book. (And a teaser blurb for the tenth book.)


  1. Cool, the next Codex Alera book will be out soon. Only six books huh? Well straight fantasy does work better with a set limit on the story...

  2. I'm not sure what the current Internet consensus on it is, but I thought Wonder Woman was great. I love a Diana who can do battle with the best of them but will try to make peace and forge alliances whenever possible.

  3. It was a lovely week...especially after the barren desert that was LAST week. Could have used a Green Lantern book or two...or three...but Wonder Woman was fun, Booster Gold was Fun...heck, they were ALL fun.

  4. Well, the Black Dossier comes out tomorrow. (Hooray!) So that's probably why LoEG was on discount.

  5. Themiscyra was also heavily involved in GA/BC this week. My gf had to study through comics time this week, so I ended up picking it up for her and looked through it.