Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Lines: Wonder Woman #14 (Spoilers)

I realize now that I'm the only one who hasn't blogged a review. Well, it was really good and I am not very good at the positive reviewing thing. I tend to just go "ooo..." when I react to something I like and that's not very interesting to read.

But I feel a bit nostalgic for when I did do weekly reviews, so let's examine the last line of the issue.

"Kill all you find!"

This is said when arriving on a particular island.

Those of you who read the issue, stop and think for a moment about who is on that island. She was right in the opening part of the book.

Think about the speaker. The leader of a bunch of Nazis.

Now, think about this character's history and the team membership that seems (at least according to lines dropped in JSA and one conversation with Wildcat last issue) to still be in continuity. Then think about how likely she is to react to a bunch of Nazis who intend to kill her.

Think also about this character's history of lacking restraint in battle.

There are very few ways that this encounter could suck, even fewer of which tend to be found in a Gail Simone comic.


  1. Heh heh. You KNOW this is going to get very very interesting.

  2. It's really the sort of line it's hard to miss with. There's rarely a bad time for a villain to say that.

  3. Was it Simone that said somehting along the lines of:

    "If it's an invasion from space, you call Green Lantern. If its an insane criminal mastermind, you call Batman. If a damn WAR shows up on your doorstep, you call Wonder Woman."


    I really liked that, as it referenced her history as a WW2 vet, as well as an Amazon, as well as being an attache of the US Army, as well as being a political figure, as well as being the kind of superhero who can command civilian and superhuman alike.

    I look forward to watching Wonder War.

  4. There are few set-ups that make me want to start popping popcorn as much as this one...

  5. Yeah, when I saw that last line I said "WW in WW2 Redux! Yes!" Diana smacking Nazis around is cause for street parties.