Monday, October 08, 2007

"We never said that bad bad thing!"

Deny, deny, deny...
Thank you for your email. The claims being made on blogs regarding Mr. Robinov, Warner Bros. and female casting decisions are untrue. Our 2008 film slate, which includes at least three motion pictures with female leads and casts, underscores our commitment to telling good stories regardless of gender.
Thank you,
Warner Bros. Customer Service
I hope they're not counting Wonder Woman, because I've seen that slated to be released in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...

And I don't know how many movies total Warner Bros puts out per year, but three movies with women would be understandable if they only had five-seven films planned at this point. I mean, they do realize we are half the population, right? So logically, half the movies should represent us.

Also doesn't say what genre those movies are, so they could be two romantic comedies and a slasher flick while they have five ideas for action and scifi thrillers starring men right next to them which still means they're doing a shityy job but hey, three whole movies of indeterminate genre with women in them. One or two of them may actually reach theaters!


  1. omg.

    three. THREE


    According to wikipedia, WB put out 24 films last year. (19 if you take out the "indie" films they made.)

    Assuming a similar number this coming year, that means that, by their own count, barely more than 10% (15% if they aren't counting "indies") of their films feature female leads "and casts".

    (yeah, as if an ensemble cast that include women is the same as having a female lead.)

    And that's an adequate answer to the question?!?!

    as if.

  2. at least three.

    There might even be four.

  3. I was right - four.

    And one is a sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  4. wow.

    that just changes everything.

    I take it all back.

  5. Generous, aren't they?


  6. Have a look at the following (from Blog@Newsarama):

    That lists some (all?) of the female lead movies they're considering at the moment.

    And yes, most are romcoms and the like.

    Two comic book movies, "The Justice League" and "Watchmen", are listed with female leads and these are probably the only future action movies noted in that piece. Both are actually ensemble films.

    Wonder Women will be the only female hero in a team of, what, 7 JLAers? And "Silk Spectre leads Alan Moore's Watchmen"? Really? I would've said it was Rorsharch. But still, one female hero amongst a ensemble cast of about 6.

    "Action features starring women remain a hard sell for many moviegoers."

    Oh dear. So not shitty scripts, crap direction or lack of funds then?

  7. Wait... they're committed "to telling good stories regardless of gender."

    When did this policy come into effect?