Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh, this is lovely...

I love it when people comment on two-week old posts and expect you won't notice:
This post is stupid, mean, and spiteful. These people get on Newsarama just to state how bad they think Greg Horn’s art is when the truth is so plainly the oppposite? You guys are all just haters. Take a look at Greg Horn’s client list (pasted from his website at over the past 6 years and PLEASE explain to me why all these art directors and brand managers are WRONG and you are RIGHT? These art directors are trying to preserve their livelihoods by hiring the best possible talent! Meanwhile, you guys are giving your hateful opinions for free. I think you guys are feeble little worms, AND you are jealous jealous haters. Quit hatin’!!!
Marvel Comics
Allstate Insurance Company (LEO BURNETT)
MAD magazine
Powerade (WB)
ESPN Gamezone (WB)
Electronic Arts- EA SPORTS
Random House Publishing
Universal Studios/ Vivendi Games
Top Cow Productions
Virgin Comics
Wizard Entertainment magazine
Official XBOX magazine
HIP Interactive
3D Realms
Warner Bros.
Mattel (WB)
Jumbo Games (Big Ideas)
Penguin books (The Berkley Publishing Group)
Carlsberg Lager (Saatchi & Saatchi)
GM General Motors (McLaren McCann)
Integrated Beverage Group
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Image Comics
Pontiac (Marvel Comics)
Blizzard entertainment
Sony Online Entertainment
Digital Extremes
Dynamic Forces
Clampett Studios (WB)
Wizards of the Coast
Inquest Gamer magazine
ToyFare magazine
Bicycle playing Cards
100% Playstation magazine
PSE Playstation Entertainment
PCGamer magazine
Devil’s Due publishing
Fantasy Imperium (Shadowstar Games)
Harris Comics
Malibu Comics
Fleer Corporation -Overpower card set
Diamond Select
Platinum Studios

So, to recap:

1) I'm full of hatred for daring to say that I dislike something I would have to pay money for myself.

2) I'm a feeble little worm because it often prevents me from spending money I otherwise would.

3) I'm jealous because I find much of his work exploitive and insulting to the female form.

4) I know nothing of art because I'm not forced to pander to the lowest common denominator (usually the basest of human desires) so that I can scrape up a profit.

5) My opinion does not matter, because the man makes money.

6) I do nothing but spew hatred on a computer when I state my opinion in a public forum.

7) All of the listed companies know better than I do, because they make money at it.

We're all on the same page now, right?


  1. Dear Ragnell the Foul,

    If you start a jealous h8ter's Grrl Only Club - Can I join?

    I'll pay for t-shirts


    PS: Y'think the banner should be a stop sign over the words Greg Land & Greg Horn. Just a Not sign of the world Greg?

    Or something more LolCats?

    Like: DO NOT WANT - EVAH

  2. Wow - did you just get trolled by Greg Horn? Or was it just a Greg Horn stalker?

    I mean, that's an impressive knowledge of Greg Horn's client list.

  3. Never mind - I did a quick Google search and found Horn's website. He has his client list posted there.

    Also - MY EYES! I'm suffering from input overload - his website - it burns - so cramped, such tiny font, such bad layout. Brrrrr.

  4. Now I know I have been reading your blog for too long. I saw the title "Oh, this is lovely..." in my RSS feed, and psychically knew it had to be sarcastic.

  5. Oh, good ol "ur just jelus," how are you doing today?

    And also, "h8rs quit h8in," how grand of you to join the party!

    Honestly, it's like a form response. Though listing every single damn client of his is a new one, I admit.

    What strikes me, skimming the article itself, is that you don't even offer a lot of criticism, and it's relatively mild. DAYUM, this poster has a bug up their butt.

  6. This is what I love about comics criticism. How often do movie reviewers get "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS / COULD YOU DO BETTER?"

    Book reviewers? Music reviewers? Oh, they get it once in a while, but Every ten minutes?

    Nope, it's in the wonderful, increasingly-shrinking-to-a-pool-of-
    crazies world of comics fans, where every other person either sees themselves as a future creator, or worships their favorites to the point where questioning them is BLASPHEMY, that people have to deal with this idiotic argument about 900 times a day...

  7. How dare you criticize our betters! Don't you know we have a class system for a reason?

  8. Heidi Fleiss had a pretty impressive client list too.

  9. That comment is stupid, mean, and spiteful. You think you could do as good a job as Heidi Fleiss? Stop hating and get a life!

  10. He had me at Allstate Insurance Company.

  11. Interesting trivia about one of the covers in the original article: "American Gothic" is a painting of a farmer and his daughter.

    Puts an unintentionally icky spin on pretty much every homage to that painting.

  12. Dear Ragnell,

    I apologize for my thirteen year old daughter writing into your forum. She apparently thought that this "Greg Horn" person was ACTUALLY Brittny Spears.

    I have taken her severely to task, and it won't happen again.

  13. How come you feel the need to address these comments? You're a popular blogger. People are going to hate, but I'm getting a little weary of reading posts about mean comments. It's a little narcissistic. Don't let your blog become the O'Reilly Factor!

  14. The point of the blog is to point out how dumb this guy is, not some narcissistic urge to say "LOOK ME SMART!"
    Greg Horn used to be pretty good in my book, but then he just started looking hackish and cheesecake-y. HE'S the SOLE reason I didn't read She-Hulk, because the covers were just so damned off putting.
    (Except the one with Wendigo and Wolverine on the cover. That one was composed and executed pretty well.)

  15. Ragnell:

    Why does your blog always have to be about stuff YOU want? What are you, some kind of egomaniac?

    Make more posts about ME! ME!ME!ME!

    Also stop worrying about your financial betters and make me a pie. Remember, all about me. Less about you...