Friday, September 28, 2007

In case my opinion on the killing of Kirby-creations is unknown...

Dear DC,

Yeah, I'm not buying it. The book or the premise.

You really think you'll be able to keep the New Gods dead for long? Give me a break. I've seen way too many of your writers and editors with a Fourth World fetish and seen way too much of Apokolips in every fucking book you put out to believe that. The reason you had to give them a break during Infinite Crisis was that they were overused in the 90s because your writers couldn't keep their grubby little fingers off the King's characters.

Either you're tricking us or you're deluded. Somebody's going to bring these guys back. You can't resist them. Too many of you grew up on them. Too many of you have fun with them. You can't go cold-turkey on Kirby. Its like trying to give up chocolate, and you don't have the collective willpower.

Someone is going to want to play with them.


  1. I'm never going to believe Scott Free, at least, is dead. Not even if they knock off his head Pantha. The man's whole comic career can be summed up as "Aha! He's dead!" "No, I'm not!"

    He had a funeral in JLI even.

    Even if they do kill him, he'll just turn up as soon as someone wants to write him, none the worse for wear.

  2. Absolutely true, hit the nail on the proverbial head, and so on and so on. These characters are just too good to kill off in any sort of permanent manner.

    I give it a couple of months.

  3. I hope you're right!

    It also seems a bit odd to me that they're bringing out all the original Kirby stuff in hardcover at the same time as going on about killing them all. I know the New Gods are in people's minds at the moment because the death story is being talked about, but still. Is that a normal practice, to re-issue stories about characters who are about to be killed off? That makes me wonder if it's a trick and just leading up to some bigger storyline about them.

  4. I think you also just described my feelings on Captain America...

  5. I suppose yall are right. On the other hand Conner Kent is still dead and Geoff Johns loved him. Maybe they just want to end that franchise right before any more terrible writers get back in power at DC. I'd do it. Kill off a good character before letting an idgit like Metzler near them.

    I will Darkseid and his grandiose speeches. If this thing is serious.

  6. I will miss Darkseid, that is what I meant. My mistake, sorry everyone.

  7. Not to mention, how hard would it be story-wise to revive them? They're GODS! All they have to do is pop out of the Source Wall!

    I think the problem they're going to run into is that a series about the New Gods is going to appeal mostly just to the cult audience there is for the Fourth World- they've never been big sellers, not under Kirby, Byrne, Simonson, Morrison, etc. But that same narrow cult audience is not going to be thrilled with the Gods being destroyed (ESPECIALLY is Scott and Barda are included.)

  8. Connor Kent being still dead has a lot less to do with Geoff Johns and a lot more to do with the ongoing legal dispute between DC Comics and the Siegel estate. Notice that 'Superboy Prime' changed his name too...there is currently no character named "Superboy" in the DC Universe, and there won't be one until the copyright and trademarks are resolved.

  9. Characters like Knockout or Sleez can remain dead, since other creators added them to the Fourth World mythos later. But the Kirby creations? No way.

    Except the Forever People. They always irritated me.

    And without Darkseid who's the new big bad in the universe?

  10. Also, the mini is being written by Jim Starlin. His major character kills have a temdency to not stay dead.

    Jason Todd, Captain Mar-Vell, The Weird, Gamora, Pip... need I say more?

  11. Frankly, I kinda doubt the New Gods will be dead even at the end of Death of the New Gods!

    I love the house ad for the series. Yeah, Darkseid's standing on a big pile of Dead New Gods (even Metron, which strikes me as a particularly tough one for some reason.) But... wait a sec, there's one guy who's, er, "not *quite* dead." And his name's Orion....

    Nah, they'll Get Better.

  12. I didn't know Starlin killed Jason Todd. Good to know. Oh, and maybe Orion reaching up to Darkseid is him fufilling that whole prophecy dealy and killing Darkseid once and for all.

  13. Can I just note that, in his very origin of the New Gods, Kirby had posited a cycle...these gods, he told us, arose out of the ashes of the previous gods, who had been destroyed (in a thinly veiled allusion to Ragnorok). So it's not completely unreasonable or untrue to Kirby's conceptto have some cataclysmic event wipe them out...that would just kick off the next cycle.

    Then again, I never particularly cared for the NG anyway, so...

  14. That is the MAJOR problem with the whole eternal conflict of good and evil;since it is eternal,it can never actually be won by EITHER side,so,in effect NOTHING really happens...