Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wish You Were Here!

I'm on blog blackout from lack of a computer, but I managed to steal a few minutes at Kalinara's laptop. (She's cranky but she lost the keys to the rental so she's being nice enough now that it took twenty minutes of panic to find them in her suitcase.)

Anyway, guess which one is me:

The Donna Troy was very nice, I think she's the one who kept telling me to get in the picture while I was taking them.

After that, I managed to get a photo with Ethan Van Sciver, but when I went over to Patrick Gleason's booth my camera battery went dead. It is too tempting to get these two artists pictured with this particular costume I should probably do laundry before tomorrow so I can get Gleason's photo.

This con I have extremely weird timing anyway. On Friday, I asked a question at the DC panel which stuck with Didio because at the Saturday panel he mentioned it while everyone was taking pictures of Power Girl.

"Who says there are too many blondes in the DCU?" He was facing me when he said it. I looked up from behind my camera.

"I did!" (I don't know if anyone but me was amused that the girl in the Green Lantern costume was the one complaining about an excess of yellow hair.)

He laughed and backed away from the audience.

That's nothing, though. On the way to Chicago I pulled into a rest stop and almost immediately was offered help for a flat tire I didn't know I had. The very next exit was a town with a cheap tire place.

I'd meticulously packed all of my extra costuming stuff before I let home, only to realize four hours away that I had left the costumes themselves, the actual spandex, hanging in my living room. After I got to the hotel and we made a trip to the 7-11 to get some odds and ends we saw a dancewear store right next to it. I was able to make a costume for Saturday that actually looked better than the one I'd had.

However, I did get to attend something extremely fun that will make many of you very, very jealous. I also got to be an annoying loudmouth at DC panels. I have way too much fun at conventions.


  1. Why Ragnell, you look fabulous! In fact everyone looks fabulous. Offhand, I'd say you were having a lovely time.

    And yes, someone HAS to ask Mr. Didio the awkward questions. Apparently someone asked Ethan Van Sciver if Katma Tui was back, and I immediately thought of you.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Ragnell,
    Fantastic costume, As Always! But my real question is:
    You got to see Christian Bale?
    In person?

  3. I caught a quick glimpse of you on Sunday--your costume looked excellent!

    I should have run up and said hi, but I saw you were going to a panel, so I didn't want to interrupt.

  4. Great costume! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  5. So I actually DID see you. I knew you were going, but I had no idea what you looked like. I probably passed you three or four times that day and I had no idea. :P

  6. That Batgirl is demonstrating a problem superheroes would have in real life --- keeping hair out of the mask's eyeholes.

  7. You all look awesome! I love it. You should wear the leotard underneath your "regular person" clothes at all times. (Well, that's what I would do, anyway.)

  8. Arrg! That's two years in a row that I managed to not chat you up at con. I knew I should have gone to one of the costume competitions.

    I did manage to meet Donna Troy on Sunday, while waiting in line at Will Pfeifer's table. She seemed quite nice.

    Next year, though, I'm a-trackin' you down :).

  9. As someone who has read many of your posts why am I not surprised that "the sound of a woman on the rag" is an ugly fat chick?

    Its amazing how many of you "ultra-feminists" fit the "sterotype" of women who cant get laid.

  10. And it's even more amazing how many fantastically shitty commenters hide behind "Anonymous."

    Now go back to masturbating to Michael Turner's Supergirl and telling your mom that you're going to apply for that job at the Valvoline Quick Change center tomorrow, honest.

  11. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin..."Anon" doesn't masturbate to Supergirl...she's "too fat" now, remember?

  12. And of course the defedning comments come from two losers whose hand falls asleep everytime they try to jack off.

    Face it, raggy fits the "ulgy angry fat chick" sterotype to a T.

  13. Wow. All the contradictions and half-cocked statements I've made on this blog, and the best this guy can do is I look bad in a leotard next to 4 extremely beautiful women?

    I can't even kick him around, he's like a puppy yapping and trying to bite through my boots.

    Sweetie, come back when you've polished up your wit and learned to recognize a post of substance. This, though, its just too pathetic to engage. We're into a higher quality of trolls on this blog.

  14. Ragnell--I know what you mean...was his last comment even intended to be an insult? It's so pathetic I'm not sure.
    I mean, I've gotten death threats...I'm supposed to be hurt by an implication of unsuccessful self-pleasuring?

  15. Dorian -- He must be new. Maybe he's practicing here for when he's a Big Strong Troll and can pester the political bloggers.

  16. Extreemly beautiful?

    What drugs are you on?

    Powergirl has a face like a moon pie, donna troy looked like she ate wondergirl recently, Btagirl just looked like a freak and wonder woman was at best a butterface. Honey you wouldnt be attractive standing next to roseanna barr if she had advanced leprosy.

    The bottom line is, just as Ive always suspected, your just another ugly chick who cant get laid, and takes out your sexual frustration by bitching. I mean shit, if I looked like you Id hate seeing drawings of beautiful women too. I can understand why you find male lust so unsettling, the unkown is always hated.

    Facwe it sweety, your not a feminist, your just a chick who cant get a man. Oh wait.......
    Same thing.

  17. I'm supposed to be hurt by an implication of unsuccessful self-pleasuring?

    I'm an indie comics blogger. We can't even pleasure ourselves, so I'm crying inside.


    Actually, wait. Is he saying that it's more attractive to orgasm very quickly?

    Oh, Anonymous. I wish I knew your name so that I could jerk off thinking of you, and not one of the other random anonymous people, like the guy who wrote BEOWULF or whomever keeps writing on the walls in the bathroom at work.

  18. Ohh eddy you know you cant get it up, so why would you toture yourself?

    And besides, dont you know having a hard on objectify's women?

  19. Who says I'm objectifying women when I'm doing it?

  20. Doesn't matter. If you a guy, and ytou have a hard on, it objectifies women. You could be fantasiziing about a horse, doesn't matter.

    All male lust objectifies women, even when not directed at them. In point of fact, the existance of males objectifies, degrades, and opresses women. Haven't you ever read this blog?

    Men are teh devil. WOmen are godesses.

    Even when they are morbidly obese and unatractive they are still goddesses compared to us knuckle dragging trolls.

  21. Dorian? Wanna objectify women together tonight?

  22. Ed--Unfortunately, I can't objectify women with you tonight because Pete's out of town, and I have to get his explicit permission before I can objectify women with another man without him there as well to objectify women.

  23. Dor - I think I got an erection just trying to diagram that sentence.

  24. Reed-Kellogg or semantic tree?


    That's officially the nerdiest thing I've ever typed.

  25. Ed - Can you ask me that again, only this time, make your voice a know, softer?

  26. Yes, Chris. It's like basic leprosy, but the armor classes are different and there are rules for druids, paladins, and barbarians.

    See, Ed, that's how to make a nerdy reference...

  27. Andrew didn't even go for the lay-up. He went for the three point five shot.