Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beautiful, isn't it?

Darwyn Cooke's cover to The Comics Journal, as seen on various blogs yesterday.


  1. Along with the Ross cover for next month's JSA, that is among the best images of Power Girl I have seen lately.

    Not that I'm not still upset over that Turner monstrosity, but it's two steps in the right direction.

  2. Wow, that's a fantastic cover.

    What we learn from all this is that Power Girl's bust is a mirror into the soul.

  3. Mmm... I don't get it.

    That isn't inciting or provocative AT ALL! I'm confused!
    I put my head where in the case of an emergency?!

  4. She's just... pretty, is all. With the hair, and the eyes.

    Aren't Karen's eyes blue, tho'? Not that I'm complainin', mind...

  5. THAT'S my girl! Saucy and confident.

    And cute as a button.

  6. Simply stunning. Great art of one of my fave heroes from one of my fave artists. I wish this was a desktop wallpaper.

  7. I always think it's impossible for me to love Darwyn Cooke any more than I already do.

    Why? Why haven't I learned by now?

    She's, She's just so perfect...

    What's the message here, though? That if fanboys wanna see boobs they can look in the damn mirror? Could that be it?

  8. Hey, she looks like a woman this time...hurray!

  9. I don't do this often but I literally LOL'd at that picture. COOKE IS A GENIUS.