Monday, July 09, 2007

Since people have actually asked on this one...

I still maintain that Hippolyta has been portrayed as trigger-happy and impulsive since the Messner-Loebs run, and I still adore her for it. (I think Diana uncharacteristically in denial when she insisted her mother didn't act that way, because it contradicts at least 15 years of continuity.)

I also maintain that the Bana Migdall Amazons are unreasonably bloody, have always been violent and would do some pretty awful things during a war, including child-killing.

From the first issue, Amazons Attack could have developed naturally as a compelling drama where Diana has to play peacemaker in a cultural misunderstanding. The concept is sound. It probably would've worked well if written by Rucka, actually.

But the way its shaping up we'll have a Mind-Control/Manipulation excuse by September, and its not even an interesting way to use the plot. That's why I haven't blogged the last two issues of this one, its really not worth reading the crossover unless I need a quick jolt of energy from the rage at Piccoult's dreadful characterization.

Also, in the second issue, when the female pilot (you know, the woman who is an active participant in the war like men typically are allowed to be) is stabbed to death mercilessly but the matronly female tourist (the woman being a helpless bystander like women typically are allowed to be in these stories) is saved by Green Lantern? That's pretty much where Pfiefer lost me.

Bad symbolism. No biscuit.


  1. But what about the bees? Where are they getting giant killer bees from?

  2. I had rather high hopes for this concept, but the execution has been...lacking. Why are all the JLAers just standing around looking stupid? Why is Diana such a complete twit all of a sudden?

    Frankly, the bees are the BEST part so far.

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  4. You're website is much more better than mine.

    (The above sentence literally almost made my head explode.)

    I can't say anything bad about Amazons Attack just because it gave us one of the greatest lines ever uttered by the Batman:

    "Bees... My God."

  5. Perhaps they can retcon in that Batman's parents were killed by bees. A swarm of bees. Radioactive ones. That are possesed by a dead Nazi perhaps?

  6. Nazi killer bees! What a concept!

  7. Nazi killer bees! What a concept!

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think there was a guy names Swarm in "Runaways", who was covered in Nazi killer bees. Like, he'd walk around wearing live bees. Come to think of it, maybe HE was the Nazi, and the bees were just his minions, but it's still close!

  8. I'm sorry but the nazi scientist who is made out of a swarm of radioactive south american mutant killer bees (they mutated from the radioactive remains of an alien meteor) is a marvel villain (swarm as mela mentioned) and dc just blatantly copying him as a main villain in a big crossover is not cool.
    now demonic magic casting killer bees summoned from the pits of hell by hitler himself as the ultimate weapon in world war 2, stolen by the amazons (in order to save earth from being destroyed by the bees evil magic) before he could use them, using their mind control powers to slowly make the amazons increasingly violent every day in an intricate plan to destroy the very foundation of the society who dared cage them.
    now thats a proper villain.

  9. I really doubt that Will Pfeifer was going for symbolism one way or another. Like me, he probably didn't even *notice* that dichotomy...

  10. Diamondrock -- Okay, people need to stop making comments like that. When I point out symbolism, it is NOT to psychoanalyze the writer.

    I don't care if he put it in there on purpose, if he's subconsciously lashing out against his momma, if it was his buddy's cool idea, if it was something that happened to a friend of his, or if its just some cultural cliche slipping out in his writing.

    I'm sure Pfiefer meant no offense, but it doesn't matter, it had the same effect either way, especially with the backdrop of crazy Amazons there.

    I'm not criticizing a writer. I'm criticizing some writing.

    Keep on focus, dammit.

  11. I know it's not what DC prolly INTENDED (or maybe it is), but that comparison between the female pilot being killed in cold blood by the Amazons and Lantern rescuing the woman made me feel like the writers were saying "See, those feminazis dun care about you women, you need to trust us men to help you". :\