Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Positivity Day

(Yes, seriously, a positive post! On this blog! Take that, Sims!)

By now you all know I'm more into "posts of passion" than premeditated theme days, so I normally don't participate in stuff like this. Still, I have a very happy start to this week and I figured I'd share it.

I expressed my usual enthusiastic adoration for Pat Gleason and got this comment yesterday:
thought Id clear it up
that is Katma Tui
actually Dave asked for a shot of it on the first panel where we see natu being introduced, but it was so far back I never got to do a nice close up, so i thought it would have a good impact there in that panel.
oh..and I love you too.
You have to love a fandom where most of the professionals are so down-to-Earth and part of the community that they'll just show up on your blog and comment.


  1. I had Mat Johnson, the guy who did the Papa Midnite comic come to my blog a while back and basically say "Thanks for getting what I was trying to do!"

    Pros commenting on blogs is one of those things that can just brighten up a day. I smiled until my cheeks hurt :)

  2. omg yes

    I was sooo tickled pink when tim and then a few months later tammy left a comment on my blog.

    oh! and john green about a year ago, chastising me for not having read Catcher in the Rye yet.

    happy snoopy dance!

  3. Hee.

    Yeah. I'm still amazed by the e-mail I got from Tim Truman thanking me for my kind review of one of his Conan stories... even if I did think his methods for working a Robert E. Howard boxing tale into a Hyborian bar were a bit cheesy.

  4. I saw that comment and just smiled. It does give you a nice tingle down to your toes when a writer or artist takes the time to comment.

  5. If I can boast a bit, I told PG at SDCC that you had a really nice entry about the newest issue.

    And while I was visiting with my friends over at Rolling Thunder (John VanFleet, Dave Dorman, Chris Moeller, Scott Hampton, & Durwin Tallon) and showing them the art I'd bought (which included 3 of Pat's GLC pages) they were all "Who is this guy?! He's excellent!" They especially liked the page where Soranik gets her ring and his rendering of Salaak.


  6. I had Ben Templesmith remind me that Steve Niles was the main creator behind 30 Days of Night and got the big movie check, while Ben was the artist and only got a small movie check. That was pretty cool...