Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Carnival Announced

Courtesy of Willow, the People of Colour SF Carnival:
Because Lt. Uhura should have had more lines. (ST: TOS)

Because Kevin Sorbo was jealous of Keith Hamilton Cobb and wrote him out. (Andromeda)

Because among other butchery, the SciFi Channel made Ged white. (EarthSea)

Because Forrest was a plot point and Graham was an extra. (Btvs)

Because Ronon Dex is not a savagely sexual wild man. (SGA)

Because Ford deserved better. (SGA)

Because Goliath showed up only to get killed. (Marvel: CW)

Because Vixen should have been more than the other woman. (JLU)

Because it can feel isolating among other journalers and bloggers.

Because it could encourage other People of Color to speak up more.

Because Carl Lumbly should be remembered for MANTIS.

Because Milestone Media deserved more love.

Because there should be more shows like Afro Saumrai.

Because there should be more heroines like Jade and Juniper Lee.

Because Bianca Lawson tried out for the role of Cordelia Chase instead of Kendra. (BtVS)

Because Pete Ross drowned in a sea of nothingness (Smallville)

Because there are illustrators of color who don't get to put faces like theirs on the front of a SF book.

Can you think of more reasons? I'm sure you can.

PoC SF Carnival: We Exist. And We Are Not Invisible
Tentatively scheduled for June 15th. Submission Guidelines at the link.


  1. One of the things I noticed quickly about MANTIS was that Miles Hawkins was paralyzed from the waist down. Was America not yet ready then for an African-American hero who was sexually functional? Bit of a threat so they remove that element?

  2. See, here's how lame I am.

    "I read "Because Ford deserved better." and I thought they were talking about the Hitch-hikers Guide movie...

    And I thought of one more.

    Because Lando Calrissian is not enough.

  3. Matt:

    Please feel free to add more 'Because' statements in comments.