Thursday, May 03, 2007

52 Week 52 Poll

I've been reading the reviews and there are a lot of people (including me) making assumptions on how much of this issue was written by what writer.

I'm wondering, based on your reading of the issue, who you think wrote the vast majority of it?

If anyone is basing their opinion on an interview or posting by a member of the creative team, please link it in the comments.


  1. Geoff told me at Bristol last year that it was fairly evenly collaborative.

  2. There was a very nice interview with Mark Waid over on Newsarama. Again, it seems to be a collaborative effort. And now it's all done. *sigh*

    But boy it was good!

  3. Specifically this issue? Mark Waid.

    The Booster Gold plot has been Waid's baby from the beginning, the issue hits all of Waid's favorite topics: fun with time travel, the hero in doubt, the heroic legacy, and Rip Hunter revealing that parallel worlds still exist is exactly the ending to "The Kingdom" which Waid also wrote.

    Though it's hard to read things like "Megaverse" and "Hyperflies will devour the consciousness of every living thing" without thinking of Grant Morrison.

  4. I got no particular dominant vibe myself, so would go with the default "they all wrote it" answer.

  5. I'm going to be a little snarky and say that Dan DiDio wrote it.

    Hey, works for me....but I think it was in even 4ths. Waid did the Booster stuff, Grant the "hyperflies" , Rucka the question coda, and Johns everything else.

  6. I think it was about even but that Morrison wrote all the bits I really liked.

  7. Probably about even, but Grant Morrison probably tossed out more ideas that got seized upon by the other writers because Grant just didn't have time to cope with it.

    We know that Grant was writing all of the space stuff with Animal Man (go figure) and Lobo, because Keith Giffen cursed Grant for being able to nail Lobo on his first try writing him when he took him years to do it and he created the character!

    One thing I do note: it seems to be agreed that Greg Rucka did almost nothing on the series; thank Heaven for small favors...