Sunday, April 22, 2007

Odds and Ends/Requests and Demands

I saw Hot Fuzz. Everyone with similar tastes to mine should see this movie. Especially my father. If you're reading, Dad, go see that movie. Funny cops in rural England. I think you'll like it.

Also saw and enjoyed Meet the Robinsons. Mom, if you're reading, I suggest you see this movie while Dad sees Hot Fuzz, since there's a fair amount of gore in Dad's movie, and this one is a cute time travel movie.

Okay, I need participants for a little sociological experiment. Mario Wytch wants people to read his and Mykal Adams' webcomics, and email him (his address is by the little picture of him on the contact page) with what comic they laughed at, and their gender (If that makes you uncomfortable, comment here and I'll send him this link). There's only four comics up so far, so it shouldn't take long.

Finally, tomorrow (Monday the 23rd) is my birthday, and would be an appropriate day to post a rear-view image of your favorite Green Lantern, if you are so inclined. (Hey, its worth a shot!)

Edit (25 April 2007) -- Thanks, everyone who wished me Happy Birthday! (And this one was a sharp eye, took me a second look to see it!)


  1. Happy Birthday! Hot Fuzz is the best. "A big bushy beard!"

  2. Happy Birthday! And in honor of your birthday, guess what I'll be posting?

    Nothin' but Green Lantern behinds.

  3. "What does your dad look like?"


  4. So much word, motto, or whatever on Hot Fuzz. Best movie I've seen yet this year. Although I think the scene with Timothy Dalton's fate gave me nightmares.

    "Forget it, Nick- it's Sandford."

    Also, happy birthday.

  5. I laughed at "The Bathroom is out of toilet paper" and *Snatch*

    Probably 'cause I'm a guy.

  6. That contact page didn't work for me so..

    I liked the second and fourth comics.

    Mostly the second one.

    Oh and I'm a guy.

    -- A lurker

  7. Nice posting!

    I am in favor of comics also. Although I prefer to oriental type for I am living here.

    I have some collection in , welcome to have a see

  8. Happy (belated) birthday, Ragnell! Many good wishes and Green Lantern butts for you!