Thursday, February 22, 2007

Search Word Post

We interrupt your regular reading to bring you the last 8 searches which brought people to this blog.
italian female mob
convent school scans porn
eureka 7's characters
supergirl remake
giantess breasts
kyle rayner donna troy
jim balent wedding pictures
depressing tv shows list
In case you are wondering, "giantess breasts" is my most common referral search, those exact words bringing at least one hit per day for over a year now. It appears that there is a whole sub-fetish of breast-seekers who are interested in giantesses. I can only wonder how they react when they find this blog, which as of this posting is number 3 on Google for that term.


  1. Oh man.

    It is now my mission to make you the number one site on Google.

    When I'm done, no one will think "giantess breasts" without thinking "Ragnell".

    ... that came out wrong.

  2. I feel strangely proud that I'm probably solely responsible for "eureka 7" showing up there.

  3. Oh, you just HAD to show that Young Avengers panel of Cassie.

  4. I'm just trying to figure out what "depressing TV shows list" is supposed to mean...

  5. I actually don't even bother remembering your page, I just Google Giantess Breasts whenever I wanna swing by.

  6. FYI, this post has boosted you to number 2.