Friday, January 26, 2007


Newsarama posted a teaser image that DC sent out. Careful, it might spoil some of 52 (though there's an argument that its meant to mislead going around).

Anyway, I just wanted to comment on four things in that picture.

Spoilerphobes, go away

1) Someone online is probably already making a big deal of that belt. Well, forget it. Not even Didio would bring Barry Allen back.

2) I'm happy to see Mary healed up and sitting around like she's mourning someone else (rather than being mourned).

3) Donna and Kyle. I thought I'd scream at the implication of seeing them together, but weirdly I'm getting comfortable with the idea. Don't get me wrong, I'll never be a Donna fan, but damned if she wasn't the strongest love interest Kyle ever ran across and she has proven staying power. Idiot writers can depower her, kill her, turn her to stone, erase her mind, turn her into a villain and she keeps coming back to what she was in her most popular incarnation. She's got a better chance of getting through a crossover than Kyle does.

4) This is adorable and I want a poster of it.


  1. I think it's funny that Ion and Donna are looking up and not down at Kyles dead ex girlfriend. Kyle even has that pose where he's pretending not to notice her

    She's just laying there you know.

    They could at least glance.

    Thats cold.

  2. I like that(assuming it's Bart) is being drawn a little more slender and less ridiculously overmuscled than he has been in FMA. Looks more like a runner (and more like the Bart we fondly remember.)

  3. Mere words cannot express how glad I am to see Mary Marvel there. Even if she is on the verge of tears, at least she's actually awake, at the scene, doing something besides being a damsel in distress.

  4. Yeah, Donna's looking up and away ... but look at the full-size image to see who she's looking toward. It's a nice touch.

  5. This takes place before Mary goes into a coma I think.

    And considering what's happened to the rest of the Superbuddies, someone is probably going to molest her while she's unconcious.

  6. I just want Beetle to wake up from that little nap he's taking.

  7. I could be wrong, but I think Bart is wearing Barry's old costume OYL.

    God knows I don't want to go back and reread those issues to find out, though.

  8. So apparently Batman is going to fight in the Crusades...awesome

  9. The Wonder Woman-Superman pose is notable for at least two reasons. Not the least of which is the inversion of stereotypes--Clark is not consoling a crying Diana, but vice-versa.

    Second, there is the fact that he is apparently aggrieved by the (awkwardly posed) death all around. Diana, being a warrior first as opposed to a savior, is concerned but not overwhelmed.

    Third, and perhaps most important: despite the fact that Clark is the strongest man in the world, Diana is displayed as yet stronger than him. In other words, the ultimate woman is stronger than the ultimate man. A pretty interesting take in an industry where "who's best" often means "could X-Boy beat Frim-Torb at arm wrestling."

  10. I have some concerns about Diana in this picture:

    While I really do like a lot of gorjus' interpretations, I still feel like Wonder Woman is almost constantly being shown as a supporting character for Batman and/or Superman instead of her own being.

    Also the fact that all the other male/female characters together in this image are couples or have a romantic history worries me. When you view Superman and Wonder Woman's pairing in that light, I hope DC doesn't do some ill-advised romance with the two at the end of 52.

  11. Why do those clips make me think they're all sitting around going 'OMG Batman Died??!!!' ?

    *continues backing away slowly from DCverse*

  12. I'm hesitant to think this image has much to do with 52. First, it has Wonder Woman (who was absent for the missing year) and Superman (who stayed depowered and out-of-costume). Second, there has been no inclination that Red Robin showed up at any time during the gap, and it would seem odd for him to take up the mantle so close to the end, when he doesn't have it OYL. And third, why is Donna in her old Wonder Girl costume?

    Donna and Kyle, as I recall, are two of the characters who are being watched by the Monitors. While they may not be a couple, there's still a rationale for them to be shown together.

    There's something more to this cover, to be sure. There's a colorform quality to it...sure, the glow around Donna and Kyle could be from Ion's powers, but it also serves to separate them from the picture. And why is a similar glow around Red Robin? I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of these characters get swapped out by the time the final image shows up.

    And what's up with the bodies, and the cape that Wonder Woman is sitting on? The fabric doesn't lay correctly given the texture of the debris-laden ground (and it really kind of looks like it was lifted from some other image), and the bodies are missing parts of limbs. It's not just a matter of debris covering things up, it looks like one or both of each corpse's leg is actually disappearing.

    I'd say that this looks like the cover to an Infinite Crisis TPB, but why are Barda and Scott there? Why is Question there? Wherefore medieval Batman and the Statue of Liberty? If it's 52-related, then why Jade and Beetle and Max? Why Superman and Wonder Woman? Weirdness abounds.

  13. *has clicked on the newsrama link and now find myself going; Weird Kingdom Come?*

  14. I'd call it a 52 Spoiler because I saw it before I'd read the last couple issues.

  15. My guess is it's a multiverse thing. They seem to be into teasers for that right now. So I guess this means they are gearing up for the next big event. Wake me up when it's over.

  16. I, also, think that it's adorable, and I, also, want a poster.

    Think we can talk them into it?

  17. Ooh, I think Casey Malone picked up on something I missed--referenced in the first couple issues of the new JLA.

  18. The weirdly-dressed Batman is actually Leatherwing, an Elseworlds Batman from a late-90s annual.

    God, I'm a ridiculous nerd.