Saturday, January 13, 2007

Did ComicsSpace just get useful?

ComicsSpace Bulletins just went online. If anyone else is like me, and just collected people for a little bit then got bored, there's a use for that account now.

I'm going to use mine to link people to stuff, as that is the purpose the the internet.


  1. i thought the purpose of the internet was the sp3ll w0rdz funny.

  2. Unfortunately, I think there was a rush of people signing up for ComicSpace, all of whom were (rightly) excited about the possibility of a MySpace equivalent for those who share our interest in comic. As you suggest, once we all did that, what then? It seems as if everyone simply adds each others as friends and that's all they can do. The administrators may have unveiled the site a bit prematurely. Perhaps as ComicSpace adds more functionality, well, then, it will become more useful as you suggest. Let's hope.

  3. I don't look forward to sorting the Bulletin-Spam looking for real content.

  4. Agreed, ComicSpace sounded like a really good idea, but the content just wasn't in place.
    And unfortunately it looks like it's going to be a long time before it gets any useful features added.