Monday, December 18, 2006

My newest online obsession

This may be useful for those of you who'd like to catalogue your trade paperbacks online, or maybe look at people with similar collections.

They allow up to 200 books with a free account. I couldn't stop there, though. I have maybe a third of my own personal library on there, and I haven't even gotten to the shelf that is filled with trade paperbacks. It's a bit addictive.

I might put a widget on the sidebar later, when I'm done with my entire collection or I just get bored enough not to enter any more.

(Found through Composite)


  1. I've thought about trying Librarything, but 200 is a mere fraction of my books. I have thousands. And I don't need another paid online service. But it is tempting.

  2. Librarything is a great idea, and I paid so I could add more than 200 titles. But I eventually became frustrated at the fairly large number of graphic novels it didn't have in it's system (I'm too lazy to create the records myself). I shouldn't really expect them to have records for older & small-press graphic novels, and I realize that I'm fairly unusual in owning thousands of graphic novels, but it was still annoying.

  3. The weird thing is that it doesn't have Superman: For Tomorrow vol.1 listed. Volume Two yes, but not the first one.

    But yeah, addictive as hell. I'm seriously considering subscribing.

  4. If your looking for something comic-centric with similar functionality, is good place to start. Huge database that's always growing, and free, free, FREE accounts for everyone.

    I like it for cataloging my collection of floppies, but it has just about every trade that ever was, too.

  5. Philip and Anon -- Yeah, its got some strange holes in its database. I've had to manually enter some of my JSA trades.

    Andrew -- Cool, thanks!