Monday, November 13, 2006


Trying to get back into comics after nearly a month of being absolutely obsessed with real-world events. I've been reading comics and writing my NaNoWriMo for that.

Green Lantern #14 didn't help much. It depressed the hell out of me, reminding me of more than a few disillusioning things in the news lately. I was writing things making fun of current events to take my mind off of a lot of these things. I didn't warm this plotline in Green Lantern #10 and its still not for me.

Fortunately, I found my missing Daredevil issue, so maybe I can get into that instead.

Edit: The last page of Daredevil #86 -- Yeah, that cheered me up.


  1. Interesting. I've seen a lot of reviews of Green Lantern #14 where people didn't care for it. I actually liked it. Yes, I agree, it's a bit depressing because it really does put one foot more firmly in real world events. And, like you, I'm feeling overloaded in real world news. But, I did like the whole scene that everybody seems to dislike -- and that's Hal's leaving his ring. For me, DC said that it would make its heroes be more like heroes and, while Hal might be arrogant and things like that, the fact that he was able to be a hero without his ring, however difficult it was, showed me a hero.

  2. I'm glad that you found your Daredevil. I actually enjoyed GL #14, because the art was mind-boggling beautiful, and all sorts of terrible terrible things are happening to poor Hal. I think that this is a set-up issue, and we'll find out next issue why the Guardians are first-class jerks, and what Alan has been up to, and maybe even John.

  3. I like to see Hal put through the wringer, but if you haven't noticed I like off-the-wall more than realistic when it comes to Green Lantern. Sometimes genres mix really well together, sometimes the mix turns my stomach. This mix sets me off, I guess.

  4. I find it laughable that GL #14 would remind you of real world events. Very laughable.