Saturday, October 07, 2006

Is that who I think it is?

On page two of Ion #6, we may have a cameo:


  1. I am not a true Lanternaphile anymore, I was when I was a kid, so I am guessing that the lead there is supposed to be G'nort. I assume he died along with everyone else during one of the great slaughters to show you how serious this really all is. If so, glad to see them bringing him (or a fellow puppy alien) back around. That way they can slaughter him again when they decide to turn one of my childhood heroes into a genocidal maniac. Not that I am bitter.

  2. Well dip me in honey and fry me for a donut, I missed that completely! I am ashamed. But hey, I suppose it makes sense, if he's going to be in the mini with Guy next month. Go Gnort! And it is always nice to see randam female Lanterns as well.

  3. No thats not Barbra Gordon moon lighting as a green lantern :-P

    Oh you meant the dog thing?

    Oh no clue then.

  4. G'nort's due to be seriousified in the upcoming Guy Gardner mini by Chaykin.

    DC will not rest until all its characters have been seriousified.

  5. A cameo? Damnit we need a four issue mini-series. In prestige format.