Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Rare Treat

Hal Jordan, from the neck up and not being hit by anything.

I got my hands on Legend of the Green Flame the Superman/Green Lantern special by Neil Gaiman and a bunch of different artists.

This picture's from a sequence spent in Hell, pencilled by Eric Shanower and inked by Arthur Adams. I'm just especially fond of Hal's face here. The hair is well-done, and so are his eyes. I think I'm attached to the expression right now because of the emphasis on this character and fear. Fear is special when it comes to Hal, so it's fun to see him freaking out. Plus, I just don't like the Van Schiver face that he had for Rebirth, or the toughened one the artist drew at the beginning of Volume III. I like a certain softness to Hal's face.

And in light of the Spectre years, I find his dialogue very amusing.


  1. oh man, legend of the green flame is a fave. glad you have one. it's one of the best superhero comics no one knows about (kinda like robin: year one).

  2. I'm still kinda frosted that we can even say Hal Jordan had Spectre years.

  3. We shall speak no more of these "Spectre years". (shudder)

  4. Ooooh, that's a fun story. Gaiman I thought did a nifty job on Hal Jordan.

  5. Why...why that's beautiful! I must find one! But a nice Hal