Sunday, September 03, 2006


Because I missed a whole day of blogging (having felt like crap), here's a special bonus Steve Trevor panel to mock!


  1. Why am I not the least bit surprised that Steve would try the old "oops, we're out of gas" routine?

    At least Diana didn't fall for it and is making him go and walk to the "gas station."

  2. This exchange? Ripe with metaphor.

    "A town called Lonely"

    "Due at the atomic testing grounds"

    It doesn't take much to swerve this into Subtextual Junction.

  3. I love Steve's feminizing purse/gas can. The way he's flitting away, it makes him seem that much more submissive...

  4. Why doesn't he just siphon the gas from Rick Jones old junker? It should be nearby.

  5. "Wait, according to the map we're AT-"


    That's how I finished it in my head.

  6. He's walking like a Thunderbird . . .

  7. Gas? From a ghost town?

    And notice how they actually left the action (the car running out of gas) off screen and instead just todl us about it in a caption. That do be econonomical story-tellin', that do be.

  8. Is it me, or is that jeep incredibly tiny? It looks like a pedal car for kids for cryin' out
    loud! And who ever saw a jeep with "wide whites" for tires?
    Sorry, grew up in a family of
    car nuts.

  9. If he'd just stay in the car for a while, he wouldn't HAVE to go to a town called lonely.

    What's he afraid of?