Monday, July 10, 2006

The Things I Do...

Okay, I've assembled all of my regular searchplaces for WFA into a single Bloglines Account, and added a few of my daily non-comics reads. There's 255 feeds there right now, and I've lost count of what goes where. (This is not counting livejournals, by the way, as I have most of them on my friendslist anyway)

Anyway, I did this over the weekend in the hopes of simplifying my linkfarming between the blogs. I will still look at my Technorati watchlist, of course, and search engines.

Should I lose my mind and not post anywhere over the next day or two, the methodology change may be why.

Should this be successful, I may just wipe out the entire blogroll and leave a link to my public Bloglines folder instead.

Or not, we'll see.

Anyway, Today's Monday, and it'll be the first night I get back from work to all of your at-work ramblings. Wish me luck.

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