Friday, July 28, 2006

Official Call for Submissions: Third Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Lake Desire of New Game Plus will be hosting the next issue on August 3rd.

The issue’s theme–or writing prompt–is the present through origins. This could be a reflection on how your feminism and geekiness came to intersect, a post that traces the the evolution of women in a particular genre, a revisitation of the old school canons, a look at fresh and new things that are starting a revolution of their own, a memoir of finding that first great book or game or comic that really clicked for you, or whatever you can imagine.

Submission deadlines are August 1, 2006 (although I’ll still consider late submissions if I have time). Please E-mail them to or use the web submission form.

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I have a feature going up today on Blog@Newsarama but besides that its the usual weekly bout of laziness.

So instead, head over to 2 Guys Buying Comics for their latest Fly on the Wall.


  1. Unrelated - are you planning to go back to the full text newsfeed for your site at all? I'm a big fan of the full text feed and I miss reading it in Bloglines. :(

  2. I use Bloglines too. I really just did it so I wouldn't spoil GL#12. Turned it back to Full. :)

  3. Awesome - thanks so much!
    ::is a Bloglinin' fool::